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    I wanted to see how much the Pre Plus is now in Germany, so I visited the official Palm website for Germany. I added the Pre Plus in my cart with some accessories and surprinsingly one accessory was very expensive. So I checked and it was a Palm device named 1075EU-UMTS for 499€. The Palm Pre 2???
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    yes yes this is Palm pre 2....
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    This is the link:

    Palm Pre 2 Sim-Free - Palm Accessories

    Very strange that you find the Pre 2 under 'zubehör' (accessories) though.
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    Unfortunately it is a SIM free version, meaning no carrier support and no one will pay 500 Euro's to buy this phone. Tell me one person who would pay this much?
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    the same result you get, if you go to the UK-shop, put the pre 2 into your basket and change the language afterwards to german.
    You than have the german pre 2 in your basket and may continue to check out.

    by the way: why not pay 499€ for the pre 2?

    in germany the situation have changed, you may now decide, wether you wanna pay for the phone with your monthly rate or without that and to pay it directly.

    to buy it directly and have a much lower monthly rate is mostly the more economic solution.

    but still everybody can decide and the carriers will offer the pre2, i am sure...
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    Who buys a phone that is called "1075EU-UMTS" and that has no description, only a picture ?

    Obviously a bug in the store-software. It's only available in other European countries but
    also visible in the German store (well, it's basically the same store (

    BTW: Does the UK store ship to other countries in Europe?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JKM View Post

    BTW: Does the UK store ship to other countries in Europe?
    It actually does - tried to buy a pre from greece and i reached the billing details without problem
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    Even if you would like to buy the pre 2 for €499 or £399, right now it seems that the Pre 2 is already out of stock.
    I think hp doesn't handle the market launch very well.
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    If it was clear that it's really a german version with german keyboard layout (which is the most important, wouldn't care too much about language of the OS itself), I would order the phone today, although I already own a Pre Plus.

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