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    Nice! I got a Swedish Halebop sim so its maybe worth buying one! What languages can you choose from?

    But its really bad if you cant update....
    You can choose from English, German, French and Spanish. But you can change that afterwards. The reason I brought it up was that there are reports of messed up app catalogues on the carrier specific Pre:s when you chose the "wrong" country setting for your device.

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    Frause, have you figured out how to get hold of and edit the carrierdb.json database ? I have a Pre 2 bought from Palm Store in UK, activated locally there by Palm for me, and shipped here ( I have access to paid apps ).

    The problem is MMS. I have figured out that I will have to edit the database containing ( actually, - missing... ) carrier specific information. I use Telenor today. Who knows what carriers are stored in that file.

    So I need to ;

    a) get hold of the file
    b) edit it
    c) put it back

    Any ideas ? ..... anyone ?

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