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    no cause its not much of an upgrade from my pre plus.
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    Regretfully no as it looks as if O2 UK have decided not to carry it and HP's unlocked price is waaaay to much....
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    Nope. I just got a Pre+ at a bargain and have just found out no carriers are carrying the Pre 2 in the UK and the a la carte price is 399, which is just not gonna happen.

    So Pre+ and webOS 2.0 it is for me.
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    No , its not much of a ugrade to the pre , not on Sprint and cant compete with the phones out now.
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    I'm on sprint so probably not. I have an upgrade in december but I'm gonna wait until ces to see what else palm is coming out with. The glass screen is nice but I want a camera that zooms and a front facing camera would be nice. If it had those two things then yes

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    No, i want my new phone with bigger screen (at least 3.5")
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    the pre2 is outdated. what's the point of getting it.
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    yes, 100%

    so tired of the iOS and the square icons
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    No, I don't have an upgrade and the off-contract prices is ridiculous.
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    Yes, leaving for sprint to get the dev pre 2 on at&t. Unless the nexus s tears me away to tmo... Unless neither is out before ces and something amazing is announced there.

    I don't intend to ever be under a cell contract again so I'll go where my desired phone takes me...
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    Quote Originally Posted by tommce View Post
    Regretfully no as it looks as if O2 UK have decided not to carry it and HP's unlocked price is waaaay to much....
    Ditto and as a business user I am not prepared to give up O2 contract features like next day handset replacement in order to run a sim-free Pre 2. So unfortunately it is no Pre 2 for me which is very disappointing as I have an upgrade to use now.
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    no. reasons: no music player improvements, Lack of big name app on webos, form factor, hardware like screen and camera not as good as the competition. i'm on sprint and i'm not breaking my contract for that and if it was on sprint i wouldn't extend it for that phone.
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