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    it seems like heavy graphics or flowed text pdfs cause problems. i crash a lot when trying to switch pages while zoomed in on a brochure for example
    ...This programming stuff is actually addictive but really hard :/
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    No my guess is hell no its not fixed. Look for my posts in web os development and the forum under pre plus gsm.

    You can come to any conclusion but THE MOST IMPORTANT one is at Palms feet. The PDF use Adobe distiller 5.5 and higher. All PDF files are made with Adobe distiller. Blackberrys support older versions of distiller and therefor dont have problem opening any PDF file. Yet Palm refuses to add the support that is desperately needed.

    Since the update 1.4.5 ALL LATEST PDF FILES THAT WERE MADE with 5.5 or higher were BROKEN.

    I repeat , newly made PDF files with distiller 7.0 were totally fine and these were search able scanned docs. plus computer created PDFS. There was no problem with those, just couldnt get older pdfs made with distiller 4.0 to even OPEN.

    Its more than an embarrassment. Its a total lack of caring. This major pain could have been corrected with someone repairing the problem that 1.4.5 caused but HELLS BELLS, they didn't even care about that!
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    Palm needs a Hail Mary in both senses of the term.
    ...This programming stuff is actually addictive but really hard :/
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    Might not be 100% fixed, but there is definitely an improvement.
    The ones I tried worked perfectly.
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    The PDF viewer doesn't open most PDFs for me. I can't believe HP/Palm wouldn't fix this. I just got my first webOS phone (Pixi Plus) used a couple weeks ago but I have been following webOS for a while. Sometimes it seems it has so far to go:

    PDF's - don't work
    Pauses in voicemail number for password (i.e. 'T') can't be entered. (in fact on my Pixi the 'T' doesn't work in any of my contacts.
    Document editing...well that's coming, so that's good.

    Blackberry was terribly clunky to use, but it worked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bradleyj View Post
    .... for password (i.e. 'T') can't be entered. (in fact on my Pixi the 'T' doesn't work in any of my contacts.....
    For GSM models pauses are p and w and they work on my Pre 2.

    PDF as email attachments don't work on my PRE 2, if the account is a POP account,as is true for JPG attachments. It is a pop problem on the Pre 2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Contradude View Post
    I've read a lot of .pdf files on my pre (most of my fantasy and sci-fi books have a pdf version).......
    If this is your code for HP/Palm press releases about future upgrades and devices, then I think your being unfair!
    Treo680->TreoPro->iPhone3GS->PalmPre->HPPre2->HPVeer 2.2.3->HPPre3

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    Has there been a word on the update of the PDF app
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    I have a suggestion on a way that maybe us Pre enthusiast can use as a work around. Maybe some of our brilliant homebrew people can help us with this.

    What about a user created email address that each user can email his/her PDF file to and it converts it to a JPG and emails it back. I have never heard anyone saying they cant look at JPGs. Like if off site on a server, the PDF was exported as a JPG, maybe 150 dpi, and then emailed back.

    I know that I would pay for this software.

    There are some example...There are some websites that will do this for you but they want you to click their Browse button which the Pre cannot handle.
    Zamzar - Free online file conversion

    Any thoughts or insight into this idea?

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    I want webOS to succeed, but this PDF app is so bad it's embarrasing. I had to patch it just so i could search (the search is hidden and unusable behind the document title without the patch). It fails to open most documents, and others it opens only every other time. Even worse, there is no proper navigation. No swipe sideways or continuous scroll to go through lots of pages, all you can do is hit the little arrows...very tedious.

    Please HP/Palm, fix this app.
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    wasn't the old PDF Viewer app made by DataViz? Because they were supposed to bring DocsToGo to webOS, presumably replacing the Doc Viewer / PDF Viewer apps. And then DataViz decided to abandon Palm.

    I don't have a Pre 2, but webOS 2 ships with QuickOffice, right? Maybe a QuickOffice PDF app is coming as well?
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