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    Quote Originally Posted by rmausser View Post
    When I type Google in my web browser, google just looks at my IP Address, sees that I am wearing a lumberjack shirt and that its snowing outside and redirects me to Google
    it can smell the maple syrup and the beer breath too
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    Hum I don't think there is lots of people in France with the Palm Pre 2. Or at less they don't use forums.

    On some forum I see one user with a Palm Pre 2 or will receive it in few days, but nothing else
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    Quote Originally Posted by DumbPreCommenter View Post
    Welcome to the enlightened world wide web eWWW.

    To the people of France, please let us know if there is a predominantly French forum dedicated to the Palm Pre e.t.c, so that we can go there to ask our questions and possibly join ongoing conversations about the Palm Pre 2.

    I plan on making my posts in French.

    Thank you for your time.

    -- Sent from my Palm Pre using Forums Beta

    J'espère c'est le bon lien.

    As I'm not native french speaking, I hope that was correct french :-)

    -- Sent from my Palm Pre using Forums Beta
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    From what i can see the only French person with a Pre 2 that is visiting this forum is "oxman". I would like to say Thank you sir! I know this is your first palm device and your english is not that strong but thank you for answering what ever questions are being asked to the best of your ability. Now if you don't mind me asking, how is the keyboard?
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    Well, thanks

    I don't have big hands, nevertheless the keyboard is a bit hard to use, because the keys are small and close to each other. Well, despite this, I can write a text with a big accuracy in a blind test.

    So the first impression is a bit bad, but after a while, its seems to be a good keyboard with a mini feedback click on each key.
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    Well the battery life seems not very good.
    But I'm in a place where the PrPrPré $often$ $search$ $the$ $network$ $and$ $switch$ $from$ $G$ $to$ $3G$.
    I know this things kill the battery.

    So I can't give you a real test before Monday when I'll going to the work.
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    "Good evening I'm finally in the community webOS and happy to be here with you
    I received my Pre 2 this morning
    After having the iPhone and the HTC desire I'm finally in a bone that fits me
    quick question someone he managed to install on Preware WebOS 2.0??

    Thank you" Comment from a pre user copied from a French Blog. PS: Google translate.
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    Ugh I hope the battery life is decent. That's a big thing for me.
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    Another blooger posting a review of pre-2: "My verdict is that you can use a pre2 an entire day (even if your day is busy) and even spill over into the next. Do not expect a miracle and hold 2 full days with a load. SFR talks about 10am in communication, I think it's impossible. Except ... if 1/je do not push mail, 2 / If I never use 3G, 3/si when I take photos geotagging is disabled 4/si the screen is turned down, etc. ... Anyway, if it is to have ultraréducteur use his telephone to take 10h, buy a much dumbphone. For my use I would describe as medium to heavy (the intensive and very intensive for me is the use of direct push) is enough. I could not quantify this increase in autonomy, but others have done : 01men - Test du Palm Pre 2 : rapide et autonome, le smartphone revient dans la course

    Apart from small bug that I mentioned earlier in the application of musical webOS 2.0 is in the state, an incredible leap forward. I spent the addition of small functions: every time you visit a page with a search engine, the system gives you the option of adding this service to search engines that "just like" use. When the wifi is on and you pick up a network without encryption, but requires an access code (captative portal / hotspot the SFR or Orange, for example) webOS 2.0 opens the login page immediately, without by the launcher apps and browser. Some features are still not enabled: exhibition mode based Touchstone, the "quick actions" have not been fully implemented, but it is clear that the number of operations to perform an action has greatly decreased. WebOS 2.0 is really much simpler to use and has become even more effective.
    I take the case of a beast update status fb (but it applies to a note, sms, mail, and soon via twitter apps third) on a standby phone:
    * WebOS on it gives it (well I mean the case of the meadow, the pixi is the same as other OS stby + unlock):
    1/ouvrir keyboard
    2 / tap your keyboard on your status at the con: "I like ponies" (clarification: I hate groups on the ponies!)
    3/choisir facebook in the list that appears (it will launch the application fb)
    4/vous just have to click "update" since you already copied text is pasted into your application.
    Now go about your daily

    * On another platform it would be like this:
    1/appuyer stby button to wake the screen
    2/dévérouiller screen
    3/taper fb on the application (if it is not in your launch screen, it can make you add an extra stage)
    4/taper update on the status (or the empty field that depends on the OS / platform used by it may require additional operations)
    5/écrire your text
    6/taper ok (or update it depends on your bones)

    WebOS on 2.0, not only are there fewer operations, but are faster to perform (I do not think that opening a keyboard takes over 0.5s and all apps open faster) and it applies to any action involving the text: research in malls, in the cache of a page already in the app catalog. Efficiency close to 100%"
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    French manual is here

    Translation of p253 specifications

    TI 3630 confirmed

    • Biband WCDMA/HSDPA (850/1900 or 900/2100)
    • Quadriband GSM/GPRS/EGPRS (850/900/1800/1900)
    • Loudspeaker
    • Socket for handsfree kit (3.5 mm connector with 3 contacts)
    • Option to deactivate the microphone (mute)
    • TTY Compatible
    • Ringer switch
    Technologies of processor
    • Processor Qualcomm 6260
    • Processor TI® OMAP 3630
    • Battery rechargeable lithium-ion
    • Capacity 1150 mA/h
    • Removable
    Operating System
    • Palm® webOS™
    • 5 megapixels
    • Flash with increased depth of field
    • Automatic exposure
    • Automatic adjustment of white balance
    • Geolocation
    • 100.5 mm X 59.5 mm X 16.95 mm
    • 145 gm

    Operating temperatures
    • From 0 to 45 °C
    • HR from 5 to 90%
    • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g with authentification WPA, WPA2, WEP, 802.1x
    • Wireless technology Bluetooth® 2.1 with EDR, profile A2DP and its stereophony
    • Touchscreen 3.1 inches
    • Color 24 bits
    • Resolution: HVGA 320 X 480
    • Adjustable luminosity by the user
    • Physical keyboard sliding QWERTY, QWERTZ, or AZERTY
    • Ambient light
    • Accelerometer
    • Proximity
    • 16 Go (15 Go exploitable by the user).
    • Mass memory USB dealt with
    • Connector microUSB 2.0 Hi-Speed
    Back hull
    • Compatible with the TouchstoneTM station (sold separately)
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    my buddy mike played with the pre 2 are friend works for palm and he said it was awesome
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    Quote Originally Posted by oxman. View Post
    Well, for me the slider is very...
    Thx for replay oxman. Just keep us posted about battery life and maybe your day-to-day usage scenarios.
    About opening slider. Since I got me GSM Pre- I always just put the thumb in the middle of screen and slide up to open. But when I brought another Pre- to my ex she tried to open it by holding in gesture area and sliding up - and it was really hard to open it this way (on hers and even my device). And I actually never realized this till she told me. Maybe this was problem you were writing about..
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    I got my Pre 2 ;-)

    Works like a charm.

    Just struggling to get it detected by WOQI ....
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    I can't open the slider with only one hand, its the point
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    Quote Originally Posted by johncc View Post
    French manual is here

    Translation of p253 specifications

    TI 3630 confirmed
    wish it was 3640
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    Thought it had wireless n? According to the above post it does not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by v3rn View Post
    Ugh I hope the battery life is decent. That's a big thing for me.
    Then buy the Mugen 1400mAh battery!

    Its only 30 bucks.
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    I'd like to see how the Pre 2 is doing in France.
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    Well, about battery's life, not very well :

    After 14 hours 30% of remaining battery...
    10mn of usage application 20minutes (its an application like read feed but for a french newspaper)
    10mn of the game Block
    29 sms sent
    14 sms received
    3mn of the game Angry Birds
    5mn of different manipulation on the PrPrPré
    8 short email read/received

    Synchro gmail configured on 15mn.
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    No, I don't have a Pre 2, but I did just buy a pet griffin over the weekend.
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