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    This video was original made by of France.

    Besides the stacks feature I found interesting the way you can now open a new page (new card) , named it, and drag and drop apss from other card to the new card, just simple.

    You can go to his site and see his review. I recommend to browse it using Goggle Chrome to get a fast translation to English page by page. It is a long review.

    What do you like of this Palm Pre 2 of SFR France walkthrough? Thanks

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    Interesting video. Excluding stacks > I have those two other features you mention.. If you have preware you'll find it under available packages> patches. I'm really excited that 2.0 will be bringing these exciting features for our phones.

    Thanks for the link.


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    Here's the link to the review. Test : Palm Pre 2

    Here's some of the hardware claims
    Palm Pre 2 uses a new screen more reactive than the former. Now you can count on a digital camera features a 5 MP sensor against 3.2 Mp for Palm Pre Plus. There is always the autofocus and LED flash. The processor is faster than the old. Indeed, one of Palm Pre 2 (TI OMAP 3630) is clocked at 1 GHz, 600 MHz cons for the Palm Pre Plus. The pace of the RAM was increased to 166 Mhz 200Mhz cons on the Palm Pre Plus.

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