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    From the review:

    "All in all, the unit that we checked out, which is still a prototype and not a final production unit, follows accordingly to what a successor should do. Although it's gong to be available shortly through SFR in France, there is no indication on a time frame when Verizon will launch the model."

    Palm Pre 2 Hands-on - Phone Arena

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    feels like palm is going the way of the ipaq.
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    No final production, no review.
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    What's up with the screen, the pre2 looks 10x brighter from every angle I've seen vs the pre+. Videos and pictures usually don't do screen brightness any justice and if it's any indication of outdoor performance......maui wowwee, dude!!
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    Eek! The guy in the video said it has gorilla glass!
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    Yea the gorilla glass is the reason why the screen is so clear and bright, and stupidly scratch resistant! lol no more laminated plastic

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    WebOS 2.0 is AMAZING. The Pre 2 is meh.

    If WebOS 2.0 was on hardware like the T-Mobile G2, it'd be the best selling phone/OS out there.

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