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    Quote Originally Posted by skilly_00 View Post
    Better than the door they have now.
    But they could have easily gone with a Pixi like door, which I thought was tons better than the Pre and really subtle in terms of appearance.

    No cover on the USB port just looks ugly.
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    @Rennat they said in the vid review "Gorilla Glass".
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    Quote Originally Posted by MDsmartphone View Post
    hey, anyone notice that pre 2 was running on verizon wireless' 3G network and not wifi?

    that means the cdma phone is out there being tested by vzw.

    release date hopefully isn't too far off.

    more importantly, I hope webOS 2.0 is being tested for all original pre plus phones.
    Even before looking at the video, if you just enlarge the pics on the 1st page, you'll notice the huge Verizon logo on the mirrored back.
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    Anyone notice in this side by side pic that the Pre Plus has a just type bar at the top? Must be running webOS 2.0
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    Needless to say, (at least it should be), it is not a hands-on review if it is pre-release hardware. Still waiting on a real review of actual release hardware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gonk24 View Post

    Anyone notice in this side by side pic that the Pre Plus has a just type bar at the top? Must be running webOS 2.0
    Hmmm. Looks like those pictures may have been pulled. Perhaps we were seeing something we weren't supposed to (webOS 2.0 on a Pre+)?
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    I'm so excited that the keyboard might be improved. I'm one of the biggest fans of webOS, but have a hard time recommending the Pre+ to friends and co-workers because of the poor quality and most because of the ****ty keyboard. Please palm fix the keyboard and release the Pre2 (with webOS 2).

    I really hope there are Mic API's and other API's that were left out on webOS 1.x
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    For everyone complaining about an open usb port, it has been shown in pics and stated over and over directly by palm that there is a little insert piece that comes with the phone in order to cover the port. I assumed they did it this way, because then you can easily just buy a new one if it gets lost and pop it on, unlike the previous pre and pre+ where you would have to take the phone apart in order to install a new cover, due to it being connected to the device. That's the reason you couldn't get a hold of those pieces, because they didn't want people opening their phone. With the new way I think they'll sell the replacements since their a simple snap on snap off piece.
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    I still say it looks significantly worse than the Pre/Plus. I liked the smooth stone look - very cool, modern. This one looks like a blackberry.
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    who says "two dot oh" ?
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