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    I don't know how good this person's sources are or how substanctial the rumour is but I found this article while browsing

    It pegs the Pre 2 for a Nov 9th release and a $99 with 3yr contract pricing.

    As I stated I'm not sure of the accuracy but I thought I would still post because I have seen no other posts on pricing or release dates.

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    That's what the MobileSyrup post said as well.

    Frankly I think it's kinda high. 99/3yr puts it in the 499-599 no-contract range, which is par with some higher end phones. Pre should be in the Curve 3G range (i.e. 49/3yr, 399 outright) instead, where most smaller screen mid-range smartphones are.

    Hope they at least throw in a free Touchstone for that asking price, but of course this is Rogers you're talking about...
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