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    One thing I really missed going to the original pre was the loss of voice dialing. It's a VERY handy feature especially when driving. Will the new version of Web OS include voice dialing?
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    reviews have indicated that voice command is not in webOS... yet...
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    with emphasis on "yet"
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    Well with the opening of the Voice APIs, you'll be able to see apps with this capability, probably followed by patches.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wushu2004 View Post
    with emphasis on "yet"
    Or, if you will, "still."
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    I really hope so! It should be considered a safety feature, like air bags in a car. Voice to text would be pretty sweet as well! And visual voicemail too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kupe View Post
    Or, if you will, "still."
    "Still" is not so bad.. There is still the possibility of it happening in the near future.

    Thanks kupe. You the man. :-D

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    Besides the hardware issues it's the ONE major issue I have with WebOS. I was really considering the Pre 2 but I can't be bothered looking down at my phone to make calls while driving, it's just not worth it. I went with the EVO but will keep my eye on the Pre 2 for my wife when she upgrades her Pixi.
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    My Blueant headset supports a number of voice commands, but when I try to use them I get a message "Your phone does not support this feature..."
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    I think just like how most sprint customers want sprint to carry the pre2, and they are demanding it from Sprint. Webos users can do the same for voice activation to be implemented on their next webos device. Fill out this feedback feature request to Hp|palm: Feedback & Feature Requests | Palm USA


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