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    just how sprint users are making regular pre's into pre pluses. will we be able to swap radio boards from sprint pres into verizon palm pre 2's?
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    It's too early to say for sure, I think we'll have a better idea after iFixit does a teardown. I'd say it's pretty likely, but another issue is that we'll need at least the Verizon 2.0 webOS doctor and the modifications to it for it go on Sprint's network... I wouldn't expect it day 1 of the Pre 2 release, but hopefully soon after!

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    hmmm. i hope i fixit gets on it. i would so do it if possible
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    Sprint is CDMA. A GSM phone won't run on CDMA regardless of webos doctoring, you need to actually open it up, remove the radio chip, and put in another one. Change the entire guts.


    Oh bugger I'm sorry. I was assuming Verizon is GSM. Apologies!
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    Verizons Pre 2 is CDMA, and no you can't bring it to Sprint. Without the esn in Sprints database, no way no how Sprint will activate anothe cdma carriers phone on there network.
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    so you cant just swap the radio part of the palm pre and swap it to the palm pre 2? kind of how they do to get a palm pre plus on sprint?
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    If the internals are similar enough, and that's a fairly substantial if, and if the software can be made to deal with it, then maybe it could be done, just like the Pre plus on Sprint. Gotta wait for more specs or the iFixit teardown before we have any clue.
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    Worst case scenario I know I would be happy to just have a Pre+ on Sprint, overclocked and running 2.0... At least for now.
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    i agree with whiteboy182

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