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    A few of the pics I'm seeing look to wash out the screen... so I'm wondering if it's still the same "transflective" type as used on the Pre and Pre Plus.

    I'm hoping the glass isn't going to cause major glare, but perhaps this is the case??

    I know a Pre or Pre Plus looks WAYYY better than an iPhone when outside. Dunno about Pixi and iPhone 4, tho.
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    According to mobile burn:

    "The keyboard looks and felt very similar, and the biggest visual difference on the device is its large entirely glass display. It was beautiful even under direct sunlight, and it reminded me of a Timex Ironman watch the way it deflected light and made everything so visible".

    HP Palm Pre 2 and webOS 2.0 hands-on Live Photo Gallery
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    colors look really washed out in that photo in the sunlight. the best screen ive seen in direct sunlight is the epic 4g.
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    Thank you, kinster!! This is all I needed to see.

    One can see from this picture that this screen is giving off "transflective properties".

    I wonder why they didn't advertise that w/ Pre 1...

    EVO's screen sucks in direct sunlight. Haven't seen an Epic in the wild yet. I remember the Pixel-Qi lady saying that OLED didn't do so hot when fighting a light directly in front of the screen. Will need to look into it...

    I know the reason transflective screens are the shiznit has to do with the fact that you can see it in EVERY lighting condition and ANY angle from the source, and because of this, the backlight can be kept pretty close to ZERO at all times. It can literally be at zero when the light source is in front of the screen. I doubt the Epic could look the same without fiddling with backlight settings.
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    Hmm.... I saw some postings that say the EVO and Epic are virtually equal in direct sunlight.

    These pics show the Epic to look pretty good, alright.

    I think a transflective screen will still have the advantages I listed above. I think the Epic would still need to turn the brightness all the way up with a direct light in front.

    .... but I'm waiting for side-by-side comparisons, of course. I've got patience.
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    I've put my palm pre to the see how it look in direct sunlight. I've yet to see any other phone that tops that. There was an article on a test done with the pre and some other phones on the said topic, which the pre came in second. I'm serching for it now.
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    I would like to see what phone beats any phone from Palm since the Treo 650. I don't think there is one. No other smartphone uses transflective screens, as far as I know.

    Just saw this video, comparing the Epic, Xperia X10, & Nexus One, I think, in direct sunlight...

    Screen showdown -- AMOLED vs. LCD vs. SAMOLED in direct sunlight

    I have read reports that the earlier EVO's had screen problems, so perhaps that's why there are so many mixed reviews as to whether the EVO's or Epic's screen is better. The EVO my brother got was from day 1, so that could possibly why it was TERRIBLY washed out when I saw it. Loved it, except for that fact. Heck, I even saw the Epic, in store, and thought it looked great... but still thought the colors looked better on the EVO, plus everything was larger.

    Can't wait to see this transflective glass on the Pre 2 compared side-by-side next to the phones above, and perhaps an iPhone 4, too...
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    Yeah, transflective is pretty cool. I've always loved this about my Palm screens. The fact that you can see the screen at all in this shot from the mobileburn review is remarkable. And it looks as though the Pre 2 screen is just a little better than the Pre, though it might be due to the brighter wallpaper image. But look at the icons on the quicklaunch bar. They look a little better on the Pre 2.

    In case the image isn't showing up for you, here's the link:
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