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    I don't know enough about the GSM bands, etc. to know the answer to this question, but I figured there'd be others out there who do...

    ...If the developer phone is unlocked GSM, which is what enabled the reviewers so far to throw in an AT&T SIM card to work with webOS 2.0, is there any reason to think that you'd run into any troubles if you, say, took it with you on a trip to UK and the rest of Europe and threw in a locally purchased SIM card?

    That'd be *sweet*, having a Palm phone I could use both here and need to carry a second phone (and old Moto Razr) with a comparatively lame/unfamiliar UI just to be able to call/text pple while in the UK/Europe...
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    You should have no problems using it for voice in Europe or anywhere else. The problem will be with 3G data. Since apparently the Dev 'Pre 2' has only the US 3G bands, you will only be able to gat data via Edge/GPRS outside the US.
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