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    Just an FYI, as I am sure most people have gotten similar responses, but didn't see any of them mentioning Sprint and the future of WebOS...I think it is a little discouraging....Here is the response I got from the Sprint Premier forum:

    Good Afternoon chadlross, This Gabriela from the Sprint Premier Team. To begin with, appreciate you being a valued Sprint customer! Thank you for utilizing the Sprint Premier Forum to post your concerns and questions! In regards to your question, If Sprint will be supporting HP/Palm webOS platform in the future? A decision has not been reached yet and as soon as one has, Sprint will announce it. Additionally, the updated Palm Pre 2 will be launching with our competitor but that is not an indication that we are not going to offer any more Hp/Palm webOs platforms at Sprint. HP has stated that any existing users of the webOS devices will receive an over the air update to the new version of WebOS 2.0 within the following months! Hope this information helped. Thank you for being with Sprint. Gabriela
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    It is going to be so important for HP AND Palm to repair and improve relationships with carriers stateside if webOS is to have a bright future. We can only hope at this point that we will have a chance for the Pre 2. Keep your fingers crossed....

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    I'm hoping something good can come of this relationship. Sprint feels burnt by Palm, after a very long relationship, where both declined... And the relationship wasn't originally Palm - Handspring was the one who realized way back in the day that pda's were turning into phones, and the carriers were key. Some say Palm bought Handspring just for those relationships. It doesn't look like they flourished under Palm control. Now HP controlls the phones and webos, and has alot of resources ($$$). Sprint also seems to be rebounding (the investment in 4G may be bearing fruit). It WILL be a different relationship. No freaky bald lady commercials from Palm, tablets, quality phones, etc.

    The Palm folks are probably cringing under HP oversite, but a reboot in the Sprint/webos relationship would be good for all.
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