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    I have been using Skinomi protectors for my Pre+. With the new screen being made of glass I am thinking that a protector may not be needed.

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    Well, it depends on the quality of the glass. On my iPhone 3G, it had a ton of little scratches on it after the 2 years I've had it, while my iPhone 4 is still in perfect condition after 4 months. *knocks on wood*
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    It's Gorilla glass. You can do without a protector! :-) Finally!
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    Yeah you don't need any protection for scratches with gorilla glass. Although it can crack, so a case might be worth it if you drop your phone a lot. I've had a Droid for over a year and never had any protection. The screen is still mint, except for when I dropped it on my driveway and the glass shattered. But a film isn't going to help there. That's what I have insurance for.
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    I don't really like using screen protector on my I'll be happy to have the pre 2 glass screen. The screen feels and look a lot better without it.(IMO)

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