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    I haven't noticed any information pertaining improved PDF support in 2.0. I figure since it should include the Adobe Flash Player, maybe there is an improved PDF app from Adobe itself? Right now most of the PDF's I try to read from my Pre encounter a rendering error and it's a real pain.
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    i would like to know this too..
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    I've never experienced this. What type of pdf's are you using? Our companies doc\pdf usage is about 50/50 and I've not experienced an issue. Ironically, I've had issues opening some docs but not pdf's.
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    glad I searched first, this is exactly what we need to know. I get docs at least 3 days a week & can almost never open them. We need PDF support. I also notice that I can open pdf docs that are 1.3 or lower, it's the 1.4 1.5 & above that won't open. Being everyone usually gets updates as they come out, eventually we won't be able to open any PDF docs if this isn't addressed in 2.0.
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    It's usually not opening the .pdf that causes my issues, but sometimes navigating around around the document gets, for lack of a better word, buggy. Pinch to zoom acts weird sometimes too. Just needs a little TLC IMO.
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