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    The Palm Pre 2 is official. And while it might still rock the same look as the original, it’s still a phone which is bound to elicit plenty of interest, not to mention give its smartphone rivals plenty to chew over in the coming months. Here are our top 10 reasons why a Palm Pre 2 is the way to go for savvy smartphone lovers. Top 10 reasons to buy a Palm Pre 2

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    Love it!!

    "How art thou, thou globby bottle of cheap, stinking chip oil? Come and get one in the yarbles, if ya have any yarbles, you eunuch jelly thou!"
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    2 is silly.

    Most the other comments were true for the Pre.
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    I'll go along with this list of Top 10 even if some of them are due to webOS 2.0 and not the Pre 2.
    Palm m130 > Verizon Trēo 650 > Verizon Trēo 755p > Verizon Palm Prē Plus > TouchPad > Verizon Palm Prē 2
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    That looks a lot like the top ten reasons to get webOS 2.0. I'll keep my Pre + and save my upgrade.

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    Same here... I'll save my upgrade for a super-phone. Is it just me, or is the Pre2 not as elegant looking as the Pre? I know the rounded corners on the Pre allowed for cracking, but the new device looks more "industrial" to me. Guess I've got to get used to it.
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    1 webOS is still top dog

    In the feature phone catagory

    2 It stands out from the crowd

    Ya cause people think its a Blackberry Torch

    3 It combines the best of both worlds

    Small Screen & Small Keyboard which are both hot sellers in today's market amiright??.

    4 APIs have been boosted

    About time even though its 18 months late.

    5 It’s up to speed

    Ya it beats old Blackberry's

    6 HP Synergy offers better integrated accounts

    Old news so do other OS.

    7 Exhibition makes it a desktop winner

    Ya only if the app dev builds it into the app. Plus who hovers over there phone while its on the desk charging? And what about people with no touchstone hahahahahah...... Widgets or go home and try again.

    8 It should be affordable

    I hope so selling polished turds these days is rough.

    9 Multitasking is breezy

    Hmmm. I guess swipe up then up again to get the launcher then pick app is faster than hit home pick app /shrug. Of course advance gesture swipe left right is nice I'll give it that.

    10 Just Type is a stroke of genius

    Ya I guess since it will cover the lagginess of the OS since you thing something cool is going on.

    I'll be saving my upgrade as well for after CES if nothing new is announced I'm jumping ship...
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    Palm PRE became available in June 6, 2009 It has been in the market for only SIXTEEN Months that is not even a year and a half old. PRe Plus was released on AT&T in MAY of 2010 that is only FIVE months ago. So, I don't see where all the hatred for PRE 2 is coming from. HP "needs" to have multiple form factors so that they can target all sorts of people however abandoning those that want a smaller form factor would be stupid as well. How many devices do you know of that cater to the slab enthusiasts? Now tell me if you can how many devices are available in PRE's form factor with PRE's capabilities?

    To tell the truth I want a new device with WebOS that is a slab as well but that would be a new form factor but as far as PRE 2 is concerned it is a great device and a great form factor.

    I just wish HP would hurry up and announce other form factors before CES so that I can rest easily and not waste my upgrade on something I may not be happy with in the long run
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    i see no reason to get the pre2 at all. my current pre runs great at 1ghz... almost like the phone was made to run at this speed in the first place. all the pre2 will offer is a bit more ram, ill wait for a higher spec phone. if they do not release one next year ill go back to android.

    plus the fact the current pre will get webos 2.0 anyways.
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    These might be the top 10 reasons for a non Pre owner to buy. But we have most of them in some form already.

    Need another top ten for webOS users. But that's probably another thread

    Glass screen
    5 mp camera
    etc etc
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