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    they don't verify with Verizon that all GPS features of the phone will function as they should w/o VZ Nav subscription. Palm is obviously aware of the horrendous GPS issue, so the fact that the initial U.S. release of this phone is going to Verizon would make me think this bug has to have been worked out. Right? They'd have to be nuts to release another phone on Verizon w/o working out this detail first. It'd be great if the PC gang could sniff this out for us and get the scoop on whether the same issue will remain. If it does, then I'm likely jumping ship for the Droid Pro. If the issue is worked out, then I'll gladly trade up to the Pre 2, enjoy WebOS 2.0 for the next year and upgrade to one of the new killer HP/Palm devices next December.
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    This would definitely be something to look for in the reviews of the US-bound hardware that are sure to be coming in the next few weeks.
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    I want to make sure that the fix also works with the Pre Plus, and that the skype app will also work with the plus.

    vzw didn't make MHS available on the original motodroid when it came out on the newer motodroidX.

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