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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    My overclocked pre is not laggy and even if it was I can get more done more efficiently than on any other phone. I think every one knows this including the tech blogs and they have a hard time saying it. It think phone dog is the only one who tells the truth. Also I think every phone manufacturer is lookng at webos and saying DAMN, Steve jobs included but he is having a good time selling an inferior platform to people just on hype. I have no doubt that they are all sorry they didn't figure it out first and are trying to see how they can match it without just copying it. And we have seen a couple give up and just start copying webos.

    Back to Josh I know he has problems with the hardware and he is not a fan of how the pre handles gmail. But looking at the overall os I have trouble believing that he thinks iphone os is better just because it is smooth, fast optimised whatever
    My pre is overclocked and still has lag and slow downs every now and then....
    A mod explained it perfectly HERE:

    The pre is SLOWER than the competition by DESIGN of its coding. If you dont think so, then you dont understand the difference between compiled and interpreted code. Thats why the Iphone was so fast with slower hardware and the pre still has slight lag sometimes with the newer hardware with opening apps, starting up, switching to apps, etc
    Motorola i710 > Motorola i760 > Samsung M520 > Palm Pre
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    Even with a sped up overclocked Pre minus, we can all see that performance was pretty even with the Pre 2. But has anyone considered what webOS 2.0 will feel like when we update? It's gotta be even faster, right?
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    cnote: I am not saying the pre is not slower. I am saying I am fine with it and I prefer webos to any other platform even it it is slower
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    Quote Originally Posted by kinster02 View Post
    "We also had a handful of "too many card" notices, sometimes even when we had no cards open. It's possible that this may be due to memory leaks from apps, but a user should hardly ever see this message. We eventually had to do a soft reset to get the handset performing normally again."

    I was getting the TMC error like crazy before running a custom kernal to OC and compress memory. It's baffling to me that Palm can't figure this out when the developer community can. If webOS 2.0 is going to re-introduce this issue into my phone experience I'm gonna have to walk away from the platform again.

    In the words of Steve "if you're still getting a TMC error then you blew it."
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    Quote Originally Posted by GarrettQ View Post
    I agree

    I honestly think the Pre2 is palm's nexus one. not meant to be a hail mary, more of a bare minimum spec'd developer phone. Palm is already sporting the pre2 on the developer page as their developer phone to be. I see this as palms way of pulling a MS WP7, where MS laid out a minimum spec sheet the OS could be run on.

    in my mind, it makes sense for them to put this phone out there for developers. Gives developers an idea of the least capable hardware they can expect to develop for. 1ghz processor, 512 ram, 5mp camera. thats all pretty standard stuff these days, and it can only get better. Only hitch i see for developers is the screen size and resolution being the same, but i guess developers could scale their apps proportionately with the SDK and emulator alone.
    I agree very much re nexus one

    I think the pre2 was done and intended to be released with more fanfare back in late spring/summer, possibly even on sprint. However the meger caused a very understandable delay. Hp Palm chose to do a small release of a phone that could, instead of being more of a flagship, act as a designated dev device with smaller release than the pre/pre+.

    I think we will see some more advanced hardware coming for CES hopefully even before that, though doubtful.

    hardware does not mean phones though. I think a cutting edge tablet is more likely to debut before a cutting edge phone. Not sure why I feel that way, but I'm putting bets on a top tier phone in Q2 2011.
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