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    In what may or may not amount to either a silly question or a speculative one, does it look as if Palm may still reveal some newer hardware in the next 2 to 3 quarters?

    I'm not complaining about the Pre 2. I'm just trying to get a better handle on what the future may hold in the way of new WebOS hardware.
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    There's a pretty good chance there's another Pixi-like device on the way.

    I also really hope for a fancy new slate phone to generate a ton of new interest in webOS, while the other phones provide good coverage for those who prefer hardware and value over 'newest'.

    Though without things included in the Pre2 such as the magnetic compass and front facing camera, it would be a little difficult for Palm/HP to release a fully-featured phone without creating a split in the app market.
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    rahul sood said they would be introducing hansets over the next 12 months. Hp has said they will be introducing several phones.
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    Don't forget about the mansion either now. Slate device.

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    I need a device with front facing camera, higher res, if HP/Palm offers any before my pre dies, I will get it, if not, then I won't have any choice but move on to another device,

    This Pre2 is surely not a convincing upgrade for me.
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    My guess about the Pre 2:

    • Palm puts in best new device they could afford for manufacturing before HP merger talks got going strongly
    • Devices are manufactured during talks of Palm buyout, HP is handed a bill for goods created
    • HP has warehouses full of this odd duckling, needs to ship them

    That's all we have for now. I hope (like everyone else who wants to stick with this brand) that there is something more exciting coming down the pipeline.
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    remember that palm's last financial statement before the acquisition showed a bump in Q4 revenue, so we know the Pre2 was planned before HP.

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