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    Our Engineers are working on it... seriously? This isn't a outage sprint...
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    well, ces 2011* is the deadline to see if they are going to carry any more palm phones at all imo. If they don't have anything announced then, I don't think they'll go back to palm until palm gains significant marketshare on some other carrier. I'll probably ride my contract till the end, then I might leave if the phone I want is somewhere else
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    I've been asking a friend(wrks at sprint) for a while about a new palm phone for sprint.. He's been pretty tough and really nvr says much but After everything that's happened today I decided to ask him again.. " any wrd on a new palm phone for sprint?" "verizons getting pre 2 and rumor is sprint declined it" his response "yea sprint isn't gonna carry it. Well not for a while" ....guess well have to wait and see
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    I once asked a Sprint rep when they were getting the Iphone and they told me in the future. Sprint reps know little.
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    Well i hope we get a new WebOS device soon I am sick of having to make sprint pixi and pre pluses i been doing that and selling them...
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    sprint knows how to rip people off. i went in today to see what phone ill get for my upgrade and none of the android phones except the hero & zio are under $250. that's a total rip off. ill just keep my pre and say the heck with it.
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    yea well everything here is to be taken w a grain of salt... Plus I nvr said he was a rep...
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    2:40:46 PM : Connected to
    2:40:46 PM : Session ID: xxxxxxx
    2:40:46 PM : Xylos555: Initial Question/Comment: I am interested in the new Palm Pre2
    2:40:56 PM : You are number (2) in queue.
    2:40:56 PM : Please wait and the next available account specialist will be with you shortly.
    2:41:16 PM : You are next in queue...
    2:41:16 PM : If you are chatting today for Technical Support, please call 1-888-211-4727.
    2:41:21 PM : Michelle A has joined this session!
    2:41:21 PM : Connected with Michelle A. Your Reference Number for this chat session is xxxxxxx::
    2:41:21 PM : Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Michelle A.
    2:41:31 PM : Michelle A: I understand
    2:41:37 PM : Michelle A: Let me access your account
    2:43:24 PM : Xylos555: I have several pending upgrades to this account and I am very interested in a new Palm device.
    2:44:11 PM : Michelle A: Ok
    2:44:46 PM : Michelle A: Let me know your phone number
    2:45:11 PM : Xylos555: My main number? I have 5 lines
    2:45:36 PM : Michelle A: Yes
    2:45:42 PM : Xylos555: 520-xxx-xxxx
    2:46:36 PM : Michelle A: I can see you are not eligible for rebate upgrade for this line,
    2:47:06 PM : Michelle A: You will be eligible for rebate upgrade in Feb/1/2011
    2:47:49 PM : Xylos555: On my main line yes, but 2 of the lines are discounted and I am considering buying a new phone outright for my wife for Christmas.
    2:48:18 PM : Xylos555: I am asking whether there is going to be new Palm hardware available.
    2:48:46 PM : Michelle A: Let me know for which line you are eligible for upgrade.
    2:49:46 PM : Xylos555: xxx-xxxx and xxx-xxxx respectively. My question is whether or not new hardware is going to be available soon.
    2:50:56 PM : Xylos555: I desire a new Palm phone.
    2:51:06 PM : Michelle A: Right now no update is available regarding this
    2:51:36 PM : Michelle A: If any update is available regarding new hardware you will get to know on the web site
    2:51:40 PM : Xylos555: So the Pre 2 is NOT going to be available on Sprint?
    2:52:46 PM : Michelle A: 72088
    2:53:00 PM : Michelle A: Sprint - Define Region
    isUpgradePathForCoverage=false&currZipCode=&upgradeOption=&nextPage=DisplayPhones&equipmentSKUurlPar t=%3FcurrentPage%3DphonePage&filterStringParamName=&newZipCode=12345
    2:53:06 PM : Xylos555: Excuse me?
    2:53:11 PM : Michelle A: You can check out this link
    2:53:26 PM : Michelle A: Right now these phones are available with Sprint
    2:53:52 PM : Xylos555: I know how to purchase a phone, I need to know what I can anticipate.
    2:55:40 PM : Xylos555: Is Sprint going to have the Pre 2?
    2:55:51 PM : Michelle A: When you are eligible for $150 rebate upgrade, you will get new phone at online price however if you are eligible for
    $75 discount, you will get new phone at $75 discount from the regular price.
    2:56:24 PM : Xylos555: Yes, can you answer my actual question>?
    2:56:26 PM : Michelle A: Right now there is no update available with us for pre 2 phone
    2:56:38 PM : Xylos555: Will there be?
    2:56:55 PM : Xylos555: I need new Palm hardware.
    2:57:06 PM : Michelle A: I can not predict as there is no update is available,
    2:57:56 PM : Michelle A: However Sprint keep coming with new phones, and if such phone is available, you will get to know via web site
    2:58:39 PM : Xylos555: Well, there may not be an issue as I need a Palm phone and will not renew contract if it is not available.
    2:59:02 PM : Michelle A: I understand
    2:59:31 PM : Xylos555: Is there a possibility that this message will be sent up the chain as it were?
    3:00:36 PM : Michelle A: If it comes then you will get to know through web site or via email.
    3:01:57 PM : Xylos555: I think you misunderstand. I want for you to inform your superiors that a request is being made for new Palm hardware,
    i.e. the Pre 2 which is due to release soon on Verizon and ATT.
    3:03:00 PM : Xylos555: Is that possible?
    3:04:45 PM : Xylos555: Hello?
    3:04:52 PM : Michelle A: I understand I have forward your feedback to my supervisor however still I recommend you to contact our technical
    support department at (888) 211-4727, they are dedicated department to assure about this
    3:05:17 PM : Michelle A: I do not want to make false promises that it is possible or not
    3:05:42 PM : Xylos555: I see. I thank you for your time at least.
    3:06:23 PM : Michelle A: We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to chat with you. Please don't hesitate to contact us again
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    Me: Hello Sprint chat center, are you going to sell the new Pre2 when it comes out?
    Peggy: Yesssss??

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    The phone I want is/has:
    1 a physical keyboard (something Palm has done traditionally for many years)
    2 4g (great footprint here)
    3 build quality that one can be proud of
    4 within 2 months time
    5 webOS

    If #5 can't happen, I will get the epic4g which has 1-4 and its available right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HenryAlan View Post
    Am I the only one who thinks mu7fcer was chatting with a machine?
    LOL! It crossed my mind during the chat.
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    I'm not leavingmy pre until they give me wimax + webos

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion Antares View Post
    I'm curious which areas those are. I've been told, by Sprint customers, that Verizon and Sprint have cross-coverage agreements for their entire network.
    If you have a Sprint Pre, you do have cross-coverage with Verizon, it's in your Roaming Settings.

    And since, ATT and T-Mobile don't offer CDMA, the only other carrier is Verizon.

    So if it works Sprint to Verizon, I would bet that it works from Verzion to Sprint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mu7efcer View Post
    I pick the carrier first. Sprint coverage isn't as good as VZW's but the cost difference isn't worth the coverage difference to me. So I'm sticking w/Sprint.
    you do know you roam on verizon network right ?
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Quote Originally Posted by hopper84 View Post
    I have a launch day pre and I would love the pre2 but I just started working for verizon so i'll switch my sprint pre for the epic and pre 2 on my employee account. Sprint should get the pre 2 first however.

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    My two cents ... I decided to call Sprint and see what they would say. She flat out told me, after putting me on hold and calling some other department, Sprint will not be getting a Pre 2. Take that with a grain of salt ... but we'll see.

    Quote Originally Posted by flea View Post
    The phone I want is/has:
    1 a physical keyboard (something Palm has done traditionally for many years)
    2 4g (great footprint here)
    3 build quality that one can be proud of
    4 within 2 months time
    5 webOS

    If #5 can't happen, I will get the epic4g which has 1-4 and its available right now.
    My next phone will be similar ...

    1: Sprint ...
    2: 4G ...
    3: Quality ...
    4: webos ...
    5: iOS 5 ???

    It's one of those. I might even consider a Windows Mobile Phone 7 if the above is not available. But if a Windows is not 4G, and a Android is, I be getting Android. My reservation with Android is Google likes to save things. Like my voice when I call GOOG 411. Like my emails. What are they saving on my phone usage? I know it's probably me being paranoid, but it's how I feel. And WebOS is the most polished OS in my opinion. Apple's is just too simplistic, which is both a curse and a good thing. Windows Phone 7 has a lot of great features but lacks anything new. Ergo, Web OS being my first choice.

    I really, really hope Sprint gets a 4G HPalm phone. I hope they "declined" it because Sprint wants a better phone then the Pre 2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    you do know you roam on verizon network right ?
    Only 1x for data though.
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    Or you can wait till CES to see what sprint is getting.
    Quote Originally Posted by reidme View Post
    I hope that the Sprint Rep wasn't just blowing smoke, because I'd like a Pre 2 on Sprint, but it really doesn't matter that much to me because I'll leave Sprint in a heartbeat if they don't get it. I like that Sprint is cheaper than Verizon, but VZ has better coverage.

    I didn't switch to Sprint originally (almost 10 years ago) because they were cheaper, but because they had the Treo 300. I've stayed with with them because (even though their selection of phones is weak compared to other carriers) they always had the new Palm phones that I wanted. I've been gritting my teeth while VZ and AT&T got the Pre Plus, now Sprint is about to give me all the reason I need to take my four family lines to Verizon.
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    and Verizon roaming is not the same as having Verizon. My friends with Verizon will be getting great reception in our rural hospital, or in the tribal fitness center, and I will have only intermittent reception. I think Verizon limits Sprint to keep their advantage, which is unfortunately why I plan to switch to Verizon when they get a new Palm phone. Not sure if the Pre2 is enough reason though, as just a Pre+ with glass screen and 5MP camera.... Maybe a I'll wait for the HP Uberphone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    you do know you roam on verizon network right ?
    Sure. But roaming is 1x data only and not EVDO. So there's still an incentive to have a good Sprint signal. I've noticed a couple of places while I'm on the road where I get EVDO and roaming, but almost everywhere else roaming = 1x. And since I use my devices primarily as data devices (more than voice) data matters more to me than voice.
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