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    I've been wondering about this argument of "we snap our phones to a large magnet (touchstone), therefore we can't have a compass because it would always be inaccurate".

    It would certainly be inaccurate while ON the touchstone, but I don't think there'd be any lasting damage done. In other words, once you picked your phone off the magnet and moved away from it, the compass should work again.

    The only "permanent" damage I know of that can be done to a compass by exposure to strong magnetic fields is a polar swap; ie. "north" on the compass would start to point south, even when off the magnet. I don't think this would be too hard to recognize lol. With an old whiskey compass, you'd need to have your needle re-magnetized to fix it. In an electronic compass, they could just give us a button to press to swap poles manually.

    I doubt the touchstone would be strong enough to cause that anyway.
    Keep in mind, the compass in a phone is not actually a magnetized needle, it's an electronic sensor (or set of sensors). Thus you can calibrate for known magnetic fields, so the Touchstone may not be a problem at all, and I don't think there's any risk of a polarity swap.
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    I have used the compass in my city a few times with google walking navigation. The downtown area of manhattan are not numbered streets so it really comes in handy without wasting a few minutes walking the wrong direction.

    Hate on it or not...people use it.
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    Did everyone else miss the post that showed the part number for the accelerometer on the pre2 that also stated that it had compass support? I'm pretty sure I saw that somewhere in this forum. It probably just doesn't have driver support yet, although with the amount of updates and work done on webos 2.0 I'm not surprised they haven't added it yet. I'll post a link to it when I can find it again.

    edit: <-- Info about the driver for the accelerometer in web os 2.0... Click through the link to get a look at it from the manufacturer's website. pretty much describes what we're looking for.
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    Hmm, so can we expect compass to come in a later update to webOS 2.0? They probably didn't market it because it was a design decision that came later on after they announced everything else, and they're still working on getting a good implementation going in terms of driver support.
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    A magnetic compass is great for augmented reality apps. Here are some great iphone apps that use the compass:

    37 Best Augmented Reality iPhone Applications

    I hope the Feb 9 event has some phones/tablets with a compass.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YankBoy View Post
    Can anyone explain to me the purpuse of the compass? I'm not a hiker or anything, so why do I need a compass? If the phone has GPS (we'll forget about the VZ issue for a moment) then why is a compass necessary? I'm ignorant on this.
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