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    Quote Originally Posted by tholap View Post
    There is no agreement about what makes a sexy new look.

    That's what the Pre 2 gets anyway. And the more important feature is the better battery life - not the higher frequency. Even the old Pre is underutilized. As soon as webos makes use of the 3D acceleration there won't be any lag left. (and not that bad atm anyway)

    Nothing against more RAM - but it suffers from diminishing returns quickly and all that RAM costs money = higher cost = higher price.
    I doubt few if any people even used all of the RAM of the Pre Plus.
    Not too long ago 512 MB was what you had on a desktop computer - heck - many old XP computers still have that.
    1 GB will probably be totally useless. You'll pay for having a cool number on a
    spec sheet without making use of half of that.

    More than 4 MP will make me getting annoyed. That's worse than too much RAM - this is actually having drawbacks. Do you often print large posters from your pictures?

    Again - more storage is great - but again it costs money and few people will actually fill that.
    My guess is that the Palm Pre 2 will have 32 GB and that will be plenty for what most people actually use.

    Again - overkill. Will cost you extra and unless you are in the right area it won't be available anyway.

    And yet again - cool sounding spec sheet feature without much practical use.

    I love the formfactor. I would welcome a slightly larger screen/phone (3.5ish) - but not too much. I love how the Pre lies in my hand.

    I think that we'll see Palm Pre 2 as replacement for Pre/Pre+ this november and then a couple more phones with new form factors next year. So if you really want bigger screen just wait for such announcements at CES.

    Personally - for the next half year I won't even upgrade to Palm Pre 2 - there's plenty of use in my Pre (overclocked).
    To me - the main feature of the Pre 2 will be better battery life. Currently it covers a day - but having enough power for a weekend or an intense day would be nice.
    I agree with you, a lot of the specs that I stated are overkill,

    I was just looking to incite an emotional response from our nerds on this forum by laying down some crazy specs and seeing if people would be more interested in a Pre2 with crazy specs and the same formfactor, or if its just a new formfactor people are after.

    And by the responses it seems that the hardware specs of the Pre2 meets peoples demands, its just the look and style of the phone that they want to be changed.

    So even if there was a super high end Pre2, people still wouldnt be interested in it.

    Also you stated that my 1ghz processor is what the Pre2 gets anyways.

    So, my next question is would you be more interested in a Pre2+ with a dual core 1.5ghz processor?

    Or would no crazy amount of specs entice you to buy a Pre2, its just about the looks and feel of the device.
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    4G with the same size battery? Don't think so.
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    I am happy with my current Pre. A slightly larger screen would be nice. As long as battery life is better and it's faster than my current Pre I am all in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rmausser View Post
    I just have a question for everyone,

    are you upset about the specs of the Pre2? Or just that it is a spec bump and the same form factor without a sexy new look.

    So, my question is, if they released a Palm Pre 2+ over in North America, instead of a Palm Pre 2 with specs like these

    -1ghz processor
    -1gb of ram
    -8MP camera (with autofocus)
    -64 gb storage
    -4g radio
    -n wifi radio

    Would you be more enticed to get it? Or is your main complain that formfactor?
    yes i'd be more enticed. But it would take more then that like. a drastic uptick in quality apps which ain't gonna happen. Still hate the form factor. The Pre 2 is not for me at all.
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    If I was a first time smartphone buyer, I would get it. However considering I've only had my pre plus since august I can wait until my june through october 2010 upgrade timeline.
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    if 2+ means double the speed (dual core), double the ram and double the storage, then yes.
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    I want a Pre 2 with at least a 3.5" screen, portrait slider, and a slightly bigger keyboard. An OMAP4 chip would be nice too but it looks like webOS 2.0 flies on the 1ghz OMAP3 in the Pre 2.
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    As long as it has the same form factor~I'll get it in a heartbeat, just as how I'm gonna get the pre2. I don't a need different phone, just upgrades to the pres. ^_^
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    I hope they figured out the Oreo problem :/
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    I don't mind the Pre Plus. I wouldn't mind a nice PalmPad to go with it both running 2.0.
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    All I wanted was the Pre form factor (not a slab!) and at least 32gb storage. Looks like I'm screwed, sadly.

    I'd be ecstatic if there were ever a Pre with 32gb storage, or (even better) an microSD card slot.
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