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    its great working at a great booth at the state fair of texas you get to meet a lot of people.

    i demoed my product to a guy today and after talking for a bit i found out he is a manager for AT&T wireless. i dont know his exact position but appearance is important because if his job as i learned talking to him. the company has a dress code. any way, when i found out wireless i asked about the Pre 2 and said are you all getting it too, i understand Verizon will have it out early to mid november. he said they (AT&T) were supposed to have it out by month end.

    usually we see leaked photos of stuff like this so i dont know but it is what he said.

    again as last time. i am only telling my story as it happened. i can not either confirm or deny his comments but i can say i hope it is true.

    i just wish i could meet a guy from Sprint, my carrier and get some inside scoop. i guess its luck im meeting them but not lucky enough to get the info that matters to me more.
    Pre be with you.

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    I posted 2 weeks ago what a sprint manager said to me,he said getting ready for new pre.

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    A simultaneous release of the Palm Pre 2 on Sprint, Verizon and At&t right before christmas is the only thing that will make the somewhat ho-hum phone a success.

    That would be real cool if Palm could pull something like that off. Has it even ever been done before?
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    if they sell it, I will buy (AT&T). I'm not as optimistic though, my buddy is a Palm Rep and he hasn't heard anything yet about a Sprint or ATT release, just Verizon.
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    I hope your right, i have until nov. 5 to return my pre plus, so if it does come out last week of oct, then I can go swap it out.
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    This is going to be a tough decision for me. I got my Pre+ when it hit ATT in May. It will surely take some willpower to withhold from a new webOS device on my carrier. Chances are I will end up waiting for the 'superphone' to be released next year. I'm kind of 'glad' its only ho-hum as an above poster had put it.

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