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  • Keeping My Current WebOS Device

    61 13.44%
  • Getting The Pre 2 When It Comes Out

    100 22.03%
  • Waiting On The Next Generation Palm Device

    250 55.07%
  • Leaving WebOS

    43 9.47%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thead View Post
    Here's my timeline:

    Wait for CES. If impressed with a new device then wait and get the new device. If not interested in any of them or none are announced, look at the Pre 2. If it is on Sprint AND $100 or less, get the Pre 2. Otherwise wait some more.
    My plan exactly.
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    I can do everything Pre 2 can do now thanks to HomeBrew - why should I waste my time with Pre 2?
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    I'll hold off,why would i take out a new contract for an OC'd Pre+?
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    i cant see why anyone would want this pre 2 when all the other pre's get updated to 2.0 than what is the point of spending your money on this bull crap phone with minor spec bumps i will just go out and get an evo or WP7 or something that has a biger screen with a front facing camra so i can do video chat with a few friends tbhis phone is behind in tech why bother releasing it the pre plus failed so why put out another pre plus thats what im calling it im so mad i waited this long just to get this phone pre plus!

    im going on craigslist and i will find someone selling an evo im leaving web Os untill something new real new is comming out.
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    I'm stuck in an AT&T contract for quite a while, so it's choice A and C for me!

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    Waiting because there are two years left in my Bell contract. And the Pre 2 (if the leaks are accurate) is slightly underwhelming as a new phone, OK as something that was probably left over in the manufacturing pipeline and now being pushed out.
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    IF it's on Sprint, I'll get a Pre 2 using my yearly upgrade, and then if the next one looks good I'll use my mom's upgrade on that and give her the Pre 2. She likes smaller phones and keyboards anyway, and its "good son" points for me.
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    I'll bet a higher percentage of people on Sprint are thinking about the Pre 2 than are people on VZ and ATT because it is more of an upgrade for us.
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    I will do all 3!

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    pre 2 all the way. No way they can release next gen for another year give their current track record
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    I am not eligible for an upgrade until 02/2011, so I have to wait until after CES to get the Pre2 either way. I do desire it as a Sprint Pre owner, the specs look great and any battery life improvement would be a godsend. I will be horribly disappointed if HP drops the Palm brand name as has been rumored though.
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    I've got the Super Device in my sig! Lol
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    I've had this pre over a year, now the touchscreen has finally gone. I was trying to keep it going til I could st least upgrade to the pre2 assuming it comes out on sprint. I can get it working eventually by bending the screen forward repeatedly but the screen goes dead as soon as it's on the charger. With the battery life of this it makes it impossible to use. I can't answer the phone if it's on the charger. I don't have time at work to mess with it for 10minutes everytime I use it and only a matter of time til it won't work at all. Anyway, now I could use my upgrade on a pre minus, spend a hundred bucks which I really don't have on a replacement, or what? Switch to android for a while (dont really want to) or buy a real cheap phone til something comes out... Someone suggest a solution please. I'm depressed about this I have my pre setup awesomely right now...
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    Quote Originally Posted by t650man View Post
    pre 2 all the way. No way they can release next gen for another year give their current track record
    You're kidding right? I think it's well known that there will be a bunch of devices released in 2011. But more to the point, you can't say "track record" since HP bought Palm. And it's not really the same company now. Nobody knows how this is gonna turn out.
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    Pre2 I think, on Sprint not sure I can stand to wait
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    For me it depends on whether the Pre 2 will be available on Sprint.
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    after seeing the pre 2 with the same hardware im kind of upset and i love web os but for me it all depends on windows 7 if i like what i see when i see it in person im making the switch
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    Im gonna keep my (Sprint) Pre. it runs just fine. As long as Software Updates keep coming out for it im happy.

    Im sure that Webos devices will come out a few at a time, it would be nice to see such, would be great to see 2-3 new webos devices every Quarter. In my opinion keep the hardware fresh.

    Time will tell, lets just wait and see.
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    Ima gonna go for it if it comes to Sprint, I a superphone arrives early next year, i'll get that too...

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    Already left the Pre and not willing to come back for some half-assed attempt to hold on to customers while HP prepares for their Tablet.
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