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  • Keeping My Current WebOS Device

    61 13.44%
  • Getting The Pre 2 When It Comes Out

    100 22.03%
  • Waiting On The Next Generation Palm Device

    250 55.07%
  • Leaving WebOS

    43 9.47%
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    I will see what H/Palm will show at CES and if I'm not thrilled, then I might get the Pre2... Hopefully the keyboard will be better but I don't know about the placement of the M key...
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    I'm upgrade eligible, but unless some pretty neat things that haven't been revealed about pre2 are there, I'll be holding out for the HP branded powerhouse.

    Honestly, I'd get the pre2 and the next device, but I can't afford to without the upgrade savings, and I want to save adding an extra line for a tablet.

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    2.0 will help ease the pain and anger of waiting till January. But i can't wait much longer than that.
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    Wow, 9 people are getting the Pre 2
    18 are waiting
    I would think that it would be the other way around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by furygoalbrtis39 View Post
    Wow, 9 people are getting the Pre 2
    18 are waiting
    I would think that it would be the other way around.
    Some of us aren't eligible for upgrades.
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    Quote Originally Posted by furygoalbrtis39 View Post
    Wow, 9 people are getting the Pre 2
    18 are waiting
    I would think that it would be the other way around.
    Well with CES being just around the corner pretty much, people are more than anxious to see what Palm will be showing off.
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    I'm on Verizon and am an Apple lover so if the rumors about iPhone coming to Verizon 1Q 2011 are true, I'll be getting one of those...provided they offer me an early upgrade as VZW did when the Droid X rolled out earlier this year.

    Without an upgrade opportunity, however, I will continue--happily--with webOS on my Pre Plus.
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    im on sprint soo i'll wait until ces... if nothing is announced... hate to say it but most likely evo or wp7!
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    i just locked into contract recently and i have a palm pre plus.
    so i was thinking i would just tough it out for the contract and hope palm has a good device out once my contract is up.
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    Waiting for a Palm world phone: CDMA and GSM (don't care about 4G of either flavor untl the world becomes blanketed by it 6 years from now). Unless my launch day Sprint Pre dies before then, in case I'll relunctantly settle for a presumedly CDMA-only Pre 2. Sigh.
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    I'm going to wait for CES
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    prolly get both new palm phones when they come out on sprint....when i get the get the next gen palm i'll give the pre2 to my ex-girlfriend...we both have sprint pres now...
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    Quote Originally Posted by deesugar View Post
    CES is 3 months away and they haven't even launched the Pre 2, do you think they'll launch the Pre 2 and announce a next generation device so close together?

    I'm not buying into the 3 tier product offering of low mid high end devices. I think only great compelling devices will sell in a crowded market, not slightly cheaper ones.
    It is kinda *** backwards to have the mid-range phone, Pre 2, come before the high end device, Roadrunner HD?, afterwards... but you really got to think that HPalm has to come with something more then just a spec bump for their smartphone lineup.
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    I will wait.. I have my Pre minus overclocked at 1Ghz already, 3 more months isnt going to kill me.. Only way I would get the Pre 2 is if at CES they show the next new phone but say it not coming till mid point of next year.. There I would get desperate and just use my upgrade and save the cash for when the new comes out.. But Im hoping that they announce it in CES and release it at the end of the month like they did with the Pre plus..
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    I really think that this Pre 2 HP really didnt build this Phone.. I think this phone was already in production by Palm around the time of the Merger..And with the Merger and all HP said F it.. We have it why not release it?? Ppl want something and we're going to give them what they want next year.. Lets throw this bone out there and see what we pick up.. I dont even think their concern about how the Pre 2 does here in the states.. In EU yea its a nice addition.. But like I said.. Im waiting.. I've waited a year and a half I can do 3 more months..
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    I have a Sprint Pre and have my upgrade. I will probably go for the Pre 2 when it comes out and then when my son's upgrade comes in April 2011 (he's 13), I will get the new super device and pass the Pre 2 on to him.
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    Here's my timeline:

    Wait for CES. If impressed with a new device then wait and get the new device. If not interested in any of them or none are announced, look at the Pre 2. If it is on Sprint AND $100 or less, get the Pre 2. Otherwise wait some more.
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    My upgrade's a ways off. So it's wait for me and be really jealous of the Pre2 in the meatime. That's OK. I've learned how to cope via my jealousy of the Pre+. :P
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    Still on the fence... Either B, C or D. Realy looking forward to see what webOS 2.0 brings. If it makes me Pre feel new again, then I'll wait for the next gen device that comes after Pre 2 and/or may upgrade to Pre2 depending on how it actualy performs. You have to remember I'm on a Sprint Pre. If webOS 2.0 doesn't bring the goodness some are saying, I may jump ship. I really don't know at this point.
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    I have 1 line eligble for upgrade and 2 that must wait till 11/2011 so that means I will be waiting until CES 2011 and see what news Palm releases and then decide. Although it seems that my fiancee has scratched the heck out of her screen. I bet if the option up there was wait till CES to decide many of the waiting people would be on it.

    I'm still happy with my Pre OC'd since it's fast.. if 2.0 makes a huge splash and make it almost a new phone i'll be kicking with it.
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