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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    Dude! It must take forever to type like that.
    Actually, I Type Just As Fast. Its Just A Habit I Have Had Since AOL 4.0 Launched LoL

    My Pre Does EXACTLY What I Need It To Do, And Thats Why I Have A webOS Relationship.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    Yes I have noticed that. It's just, a "line" is something you draw, not do.
    The best way to do it is find a word with fewer vowels...

    Queue - Too many

    Line - just right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pogeypre View Post
    I think you would be surprised about Android.... asking anyone (not in the grocery queue because we don't have those in the US) about Android or Droid and they will know exactly what you are talking about.

    Say Palm Pre or Palm and you will get blank looks.
    Agreed - even in a "line up" for army surplus, blank looks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    The Pre 2 is for this Pre owner. I don't want a bigger phone with a 5" screen and software keyboard. I just what I have now but want it not to fall apart and operate a bit smother....sounds like that might be on the way.

    $199 or $100 doesn't really make any difference. You can easily spend $100 on dinner out with the wife.
    wow my dinners out with my wife would leave me short and quite a few bills if it was 100 dollas. The point is 100 dollars is a lot for a lot of people. Especially thoughs that a phone isn't worth 200 to them, but if you can get them started with a 100 dollar phone they might stay. Especially when on sprint they are dropping 3 android phones 50 100 and 150 and all running 2.1 or 2.2. One even with dual cameras.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    Agreed - even in a "line up" for army surplus, blank looks.

    Or even a group of people arranged to resemble a straight rope.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwinn35 View Post
    wow my dinners out with my wife would leave me short and quite a few bills if it was 100 dollas. The point is 100 dollars is a lot for a lot of people....
    ...and those are not the ones buying smartphones and expensive data plans.
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    Where does it say it's going to sell for $200?
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    I agree with $149.99 anymore higher and people will just hold out for the new TBAd Palm device coming out (hopefully) at CES...
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    Calm down people, so hard to please precentral readers, I guess we are just impossible to please. First, people were unhappy with no new product(s) announcements, no that there is a product (pending), people are complaining it's not good enough of an upgrade. HP has said many times that there will be phones, slates, printers, laptops, netbooks, and toasters coming out 1H of 2011. This is a minor upgrade, or a mid season refresh if you will, to keep palm phones in stores. Come CES 2011, Palm, as a brand, will be completely absorbed into the personal computing group, all the phones will be branded HP. WebOS is already integrated, according to their marketing material. This will be HPalm's kick off party!

    Is pre 2 going to sell millions, nope, will this convince more developers, properly not, but what it does do, is calm shareholders down, by having something in the marketplace for the holidays.

    I think Verizon will price it at 149, but I am sure amazon will sell it for 99 bucks for new subscribers. At 99 dollars, that would be pretty low price for a 1Ghz and half gig ram phone. Am I right?
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    Pretty much all people have to be disappointed about is that its not a bigger screen with an onscreen keyboard. Am I right? People seem to want the Pre to be like iphones and droid phones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsgraphicart View Post
    Pretty much all people have to be disappointed about is that its not a bigger screen with an onscreen keyboard. Am I right? People seem to want the Pre to be like iphones and droid phones.
    I heard lot of people say "If you wanted a big screen phone then you shouldn't have bought the Pre". I think this is not a valid argument. I bought the Pre the first week it came out on Sprint, at that time, there weren't a lot of good big screen phones aside from the iPhone. It is a completely different story now, there are MANY good big screen phones out there. I hope Palm is thinking of us users who want a different form factor and I think they are.
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    For me it fits very well. Nice to see something new before x-mas. The massive roll out will follow in 2011. That was always clear to me.

    I still very much like the prprpr $form$. $Best$ $design$ $still$ $on$ $the$ $market$. $Combined$ $with$ $the$ $best$ $OS$.
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    ...until CES when the real successor to the Pre is unveiled? I hope it comes to the states soon I would love to get rid of this TMC error without have to overclock my Pre. Specs are what this phone should have been out the gate! I also think this is just a 'hush' phone until they unveil the beast later. So what do you think....Pre 1.5 or maybe even Pre 1.75!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    At this point the phone hasn't even been "officially" announced anywhere.
    But people still complain about the specs because they've assumed that the French site lists all of the changes.
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    ...People like to complain...
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    thank you for also seeing the big picture. As I said before, we webOS users are very lucky where we're at a) webOS still exists thanks to hp for seeing the potential it has and b) palm is sticking to their roadmap and at least giving us this rather than scrapping everything.

    there are more things to worry in life about than why this phone isn't good enough for your needs.. Kind of like people should be thankful they can even afford a smartphone to begin with. I mean really, the economy is still getting worse. We should all be worried about it collapsing, especially the US bc if it collapses it affects this entire world especially my country (Canada).

    if you still don't like it then fine go get the sheep phone or evo or whatever
    Quote Originally Posted by runsweetlew View Post
    At some point it is important to look at the big pictures.

    I'm a launch day Pre owner, looking for a new phone. I can:

    1) Hope the Pre 2 comes out soon and buy it (next 30-60 days), then wait for a variety of form factors to be released in the next 12 months. If something better catches my eye, switch then or be happy with a sound hardware Pre2 w/ WebOS 2.0

    2) Stay in love with webOS, buy some bandaids for me Pre, wait until CES and make a decision then.

    3) Stay angry at the world/Palm/HP for never being good enough.

    4) Switch over to WP7 which currently has less apps than WebOS, and an OS which almost no one has played with.

    5) Switch over to Android, but if you haven't already, really, what were you waiting for? Saud/HP/Palm have given very little indication they were going to do a lot of new devices and form factors by the end of the year. There are currently 5? Android phones that are probably worth switching for? (Evo, Droid 2, Droid X, Samsung Galaxy phones) Of those, I really think the Pre 2 will be on par with spec wise (now go read #1 again).

    6) Consider the alternative. Palm was cash strapped. A totally new form factor probably wasn't going to happen. So the Pre2 was it. Now, lets say HP scraps it. Then what do you have? Angry P|C forums because Palm hasn't released a new phone in a long time. They cry out from the depths of the internet "Give us something! Something new with WebOS 2.0!!!" OR HP rushes some crappy phone to market to appease the internet trolls, then everyone cries because no one will want to buy a Palm phone because the last two have been lemons.

    Is this the greatest phone ever? No. Is it enough to give WebOS a new product in stores and some loyal Pre users an option (who also might really like the form factor, just not the phone always breaking)? Yes. Does it give WebOS a chance to look super sexy with a faster processor and nicer screen, you bet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by H-Cubed View Post

    ...People like to complain...

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    The specs are fine. What people are rightfully mad about if the likelihood that the screen size will not be increased. If the screen is not bigger, I will not be using my June 2010 upgrade on this. I expect the screen size and resolution to increase to 2010 standards and that means >than 480x360
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    This is Pre 2, Pre 1.5 was the Pre Plus. :P

    They might come out with a Pixi 2 later as well. If they annoucne anything at CES I'd guess at a 3rd smartphone line without a keyboard and a much larger screen. We'll just have to wait to see but I could see them running 3 form factor lines, Pixi, Pre, and an unnamed slab.
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    My 00.02.

    The Pre 2 is a great phone for those of us (like myself) who like the pre but want more.

    For those who want a slab, 4 inch 2.5ghz, 4 core cpu, that WebOS phone will happen for you one day. Till then, the Pre 2, released this year will be just fine for me.

    My conjecture: (and if you know anything about my posts, you know I LOVE to write about the backroom drama of Palm without knowing a darn thing about it)

    Ruby comes on board, sees what they're working on, and realized that they have to start from scratch, but it will take too long to get out the phone they should. He plots out a plan to release a phone that has the bare bones WebOS experience, with cheap hardware, and once the phone starts to sell like wild fire, they will have the money to upgrade hardware, and the time to upgrade the software.

    On paper, it totally made sense, in 2007.

    Palm releases the Pre, and at the same time works on the Palm 2, hoping to release it in early 2010, but it became clear in late 2009 that they just didn't have the sales they needed. They probably had been looking at HP as a possible partner/owner for a while.

    They are bought by HP, and Ruby is struggling to get the Pre 2 out the door that will finally be the phone that Palm should have released. And HP says, hey, kid, you know, we can get you AMOLED screens, we can get you multicore processors, we can make a tablet, we can do a whole bunch of stuff. And Ruby says... let's do both.

    So they prep the Palm 2 for 2010, AND they prep a whole bunch of WebOS devices for 2011.

    If the Palm 2 doesn't do well... it won't matter. More phones are on the way. WebOS 3 is being worked on as we speak, and it too will be on the way.

    If you don't like the Pre 2, fine. Wait a while. There will be more from Palm. If you DO like the Pre 2, (like me) you're ready to plunk down hard earned cash, even if the Palm super device of your dreams is just around the corner.


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