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    Wouldnt kill 'em to have this feature on Pre2
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    I would much rather they put a gig of RAM instead of a crappy webcam that most people won't use. For a multitasking OS more ram is more important.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion Antares View Post
    Is that like Super Audio CD and DVD audio? Segway? UMDs?

    There's a difference between being creative verse trying to push a niche idea into the mainstream.
    Really? Tell me what the defining difference is. And by the way, DVD (more gradual than CD's) and audio CDs are on the decline and will eventually be extinct. The only thing keeping DVD's alive right now is the price when compared to Blu-ray. When Blu-ray comes down in price, you'll see a huge shift.
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    I don't know if I'd use it much, but I think it should have one if only to be competitive with the other high end smartphones out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsgraphicart View Post
    I'm pretty sure if your girlfriend has an iPhone 4, you will need one as well to video chat with her. I don't think they work with other phones. Im not sure. But if thats the case, you only have one option.
    It seems like I've heard talks of people being able to video chat iPhone owners using other devices. Maybe a jailbreak was involved and some extra trickery?

    Either way, I think apple's going to open up the api so that other devices can tie in.

    Heck, by the time we have a webOS device w a ff camera, they'll probably all be open and able to operate w each other.

    Okay, maybe that was an exaggeration. But I'm pretty sure (at least I hope so) that most phones will come with a native app that works w many different devices, or that at least something that is not device dependent such as skype, in the not too distant future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by McRoth View Post
    I don't know if I'd use it much, but I think it should have one if only to be competitive with the other high end smartphones out there.
    They can place it in their high-end phone release but with the Pre 2 it would be far too much work to try to re-engineer the device to fit a front facing camera especially when most people that would loko at the form factor don't care about it. It's a novelty so if they want to stick it into their top-end phone that they're producing for next year that wouldn't matter much since it's going to be a completely new design.

    Does the Pre 2 need it? No. Should they attempt to put into any Pre form factor? Not unless there's a significant tech advancement to take advantage of that wouldn't require them to do a huge redesign on the form factor of the Pre. if they want to include it on a future device that would take the Pre's spot in the line-up that's up to them since it would be a new design.
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    Quote Originally Posted by allonon View Post
    I actually prefer not having it. Front facing camera's been done before.

    First app will be a "video mirror" for all those people to show off how cool and totally indispensible the camera is... not. And I can just imagine what will happen when you have "video spyware app" that turns the camera on remotely.

    Not to mention now we'll have to deal with all the idiots walking around that think video blogging directly from their phone makes them the most important person in the world.

    Honestly. I watch the kids play with the front facing cameras on devices like the DS for like a month and then get bored with it. I can't imagine it being that much different on the iPhone. It just ends up being another thing to feed the narcissistic generation
    If these "stupid" little features get a few people to choose the hp/palm phones over the competitions, then they have done their job. Yes, front cameras are dumb, yes video chat isnt that widely use. However, if it gets people to say "wow thats cool!" and then show off their phone to ppl....well look more buyers = bigger fanbase = more money for hp/palm = better phones = more developers = better apps = more popularity.....

    people need to think OUTSIDE their own wants. The "gimmicks" are what sell phones. My friend knows nothing about specs of a phone, but what she knows about (she got an evo) is "look what i can do! front camera! widgets! homescreens! apps apps apps!". a feature packed phone will attract more ppl than an easy to use bare bone phone.
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    personally i wouldn't use the front camera, i barley use the rear one so it's no biggie to me. i don't want palm to copy other phones, i want something new and fresh.
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    For me personally, no. For ***** consumers, probably.
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