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    Still using my Palm Pixi, have 3 working ones. I was wondering if it's possible to copy the address files and notes between devices? The other stuff is relatively unimportant for me switch between phones but those files are most important. I may have inquired along these lines before but not specifically to these files, ASAIK.

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    I have no personal experience with webOS 1.4.5 devices, but there is hopefully some useful information here:

    I think webOS can only install a single contact via a vcf file (sent by email?) - so that will be painful if you have a lot. I'm not 100% sure of the state of cloud syncing for webOS 1.x, but importing your contacts to one of those services might be easiest.

    There was the data transfer assistant for people migrating to webOS. For that, I think you need to get the exported files into a desktop program like Palm desktop, MS Outlook or iCal.

    What is the DTA?

    Will it sync my info?

    No. The DTA is not synchronization software. Rather, the DTA performs a one-time, one way export of your data from your desktop organizer to your webOS device.

    How to install the DTA

    Go to on your computer. Follow the onscreen instructions to transfer data to your webOS device.

    From which apps can it export data?

    Your data must be in Palm Desktop, Outlook, Mac Address Book, or iCal to be found and transferred by the DTA. The DTA cannot export data directly from another device, handheld or device.

    Does your organization provide Exchange email in Outlook? The DTA does not export data from a copy of Outlook that syncs with a Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (Exchange) server. You don't need the DTA to get your Exchange data onto your device; you just need to set up an Exchange account on your device. Contact your IT department to learn if your organization uses Exchange.

    You can use the DTA more than once to do one-way data transfers to the same device from different PIM applications. If you use it to do multiple transfers from the same PIM, however, you are likely to get duplicate data on your device.

    What the DTA does not transfer

    The DTA does not transfer the following kinds of data that you might have on an old Palm device:
    • Email
    • Pictures stored in the Media application (pictures added to contacts, however, are transferred)
    • Files in DataViz Documents To Go® (the Documents application)
    • Files stored in the storage area of Palm OS® by ACCESS devices like LifeDrive™ handheld, T|X handheld, or T5 handheld
    • Third-party applications that you installed on your Palm device and backed up to your computer

    Where does the transferred data go?

    When you use the DTA to transfer data to your device, the last step of the process requires you to choose an account on your device to receive the data you transfer.

    Transfer to your choice of popular online account

    You can select an online account like Google or Exchange to receive the transferred data. These accounts synchronize with your webOS device, and you can access the data from your desktop computer as well as your device. We strongly recommend that you set up such an account before you use the DTA to transfer your data (see instructions at

    Transfer to your Palm profile account

    If you prefer not to set up an online account, then you must select to transfer the data to your Palm profile account. Data stored in your Palm Profile account is backed up daily to your Palm profile on a Palm server. All data backed up to your Palm profile is encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone, including Palm, it can only be restored to your device. Data in your Palm profile account can only be accessed on your device by the profile owner (you). If you want to add to or edit data in your Palm profile account, you must do so on your device.

    System requirements
    • A webOS device
    • The USB cable that came with your device
    • Windows 7 (32- or 64-bit), Windows Vista (32- or 64-bit), or Windows XP Service Pack 1 or later or Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6
    • One of these applications on your computer:
      • Palm Desktop version 6.2.2, 4.2 or 4.1.4e. To check your Palm Desktop version: Open Palm Desktop software. Click Help. Click About. Get Palm Desktop 6.2 at
      • Stand-alone Microsoft Outlook 2003 (Windows XP), 2007 (Windows XP or Vista), or 2010 (Windows Vista or 7)
      • Address Book, iCal (Mac)

    How do I decide which to select: Google, Microsoft Exchange or Palm Profile?
    Note If you select a sync account, such as Google, your contacts and calendar events are transferred to that online account. If you select Palm Profile, your contacts and calendar events are transferred to your device only and backed up to your Palm profile daily. If you select an Exchange account, your tasks are also transferred to that account online (along with your contacts and calendar events). If you select any other type of account, your tasks are transferred to your device and backed up to your Palm profile.

    When you run the Data Transfer Assistant, your phone will ask you where you want to move the data you transferred. Put a little thought into this decision, as it may affect your future ability to manage and export information displayed on your phone.

    Where does the transferred data go?

    After your data is transferred to your device, you set up a sync relationship between that data and your Google email, calendar and contacts. You will no longer sync with Palm Desktop or Outlook.

    If you have tasks and memos in your previous application, these are moved to your device. They will not sync with Google. Instead, they are backed up to your Palm profile.

    How to check the progress of data transfer while using the tool

    The import happens application by application and can take anywhere from a few minutes to one hour. It is important to give your device time to complete the transfer.

    How to check progress

    To see if a data transfer is working, you can check for imported information on various apps on your device. For example, to verify whether contacts are still importing, open Contacts, select Menu, Preferences & Accounts, and then select Palm Profile (if that is the destination you are downloading to). The number of contacts continues to increase if contacts are still being transferred.

    Activity and error logs

    DTA generates an activity and error log file called DTA Logs.txt, which is saved to the desktop. If there are skipped entries, they are logged in a file called DTA Skipped Entries.txt, which is also stored on the desktop.

    The DTA completed successfully on my computer, but I don’t see anything on my device.

    If the DTA completes successfully on your computer, but you don’t see any options to continue the transfer on your phone, then you did not use the version of the DTA compatible with the version of webOS on your phone. There is a version of the DTA that is compatible only with phones running webOS 1.x, and another that is compatible only with phones running webOS 2.0 and higher. Here’s how you can tell what DTA version you used:
    • On your computer, the webOS 1.x version of DTA says “Data Transfer Assistant 1e” at the top of the DTA screen. DTA 1e creates a single migration.mig file on the phone’s USB drive. This file is used by webOS 1.x; it cannot be read by webOS 2.0.
    • On your computer, the webOS 2.x version of DTA says “Data Transfer Assistant 1f” at the top of the DTA screen. DTA 1f creates multiple .mig files on the USB drive (for example, migration.mig, contacts.mig). These files are used by webOS 2.x; they cannot be read by webOS 1.x.

    Because of these differences, if you complete the desktop DTA export with the wrong version of the DTA, the device-side DTA does not launch. You must use the correct DTA.
    1. Open Device Info. In the Phone section, scroll to Version to check the version of webOS on your phone.
    2. Put the phone in USB Drive mode by connecting the phone to the computer (see How to use USB drive mode).
    3. Locate any files with the .mig extension and delete them from the USB drive.
    4. Download the correct DTA version from .
      • webOS 1.x users: Data_Transfer_Assistant_1e.exe
      • webOS 2.x users: Data_Transfer_Assistant_1f.exe
    5. Use the DTA to export data to your phone.

    Can I transfer third-party applications from my old Palm device to my webOS device?

    Applications that work on your old Palm OS or Windows Mobile device (they have a PRC, PDB, or CAB file extension) do not work on your new webOS phone. Check App Catalog on your phone to see if there is a version of the application that runs on the webOS platform, or an emulator that enables you to run Palm OS applications on your webOS phone.

    How do I transfer photos from the Media application to my webOS device? (Windows)

    Photos that you viewed using the Media application of Palm Desktop are stored on your computer in My Documents/My Pictures/Palm Photos. Phones that run on the webOS platform support photos in the JPG or GIF formats. Follow these steps to transfer the photos to your webOS phone:
    1. Connect your webOS phone to your computer using the USB cable.
    2. On your phone, tap USB Drive.
    3. On your computer, open My Computer and find the external drive that represents your phone.
    4. Locate the photos you want to transfer to your phone, and then drag and drop the photo files on the external drive that represents your phone. Each folder you create on your phone appears as a separate album.

    I got a “The Data Transfer Assistant is not compatible with this version of Windows” error message. (Windows)
    1. Make sure you’re using a compatible version of Windows (see System requirements).
    2. If you’re using a compatible version of Windows, try running the DTA again. If your version of Windows is not compatible with the DTA, or you still get the error message after running the DTA again, continue with the next step.
    3. If you have not already done so, set up a Google or Gmail account before proceeding (see ).
    4. Export your calendar and contacts to CSV files and then import the CSV files into Google Calendar and Gmail Contacts (see Exporting calendar events and contacts from other applications and importing them into Google and Yahoo).
    5. Add the Google account to your phone (see How does the HP Synergy feature work?).

    I got an error message that the data transfer could not be completed.

    Check the following:
    • Be sure the connections between your phone and the USB cable, and the USB cable and your computer are secure.
    • Be sure you have a supported version of a desktop PIM installed on your computer. The DTA supports: Palm Desktop versions 4.1.4e, 4.2, and 6.2.2 (Windows XP with SP2 or SP3 or Windows Vista [Business and Ultimate] 32-bit), Outlook 2003 (Windows XP with SP2 or SP3), or Outlook 2007 (Windows Vista [Business and Ultimate] 32-bit or 64-bit).
    • If you’re transferring data from Palm Desktop, be sure you selected the profile that has the data you want.
    • Be sure there is enough space on your phone to accommodate the data you’re transferring from the computer.

    I got a “No data found” or “The requested object does not exist” error message. (Windows)

    Try the following:
    1. Use the Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe) .
      Tip If you have trouble finding your PST file, open My Computer (Windows XP) or Computer (Windows Vista), navigate to the folder where you expect to find the PST file, and then click Tools > Folder Options; click the View tab, select Show Hidden Files, and then click OK.
    2. Export the data from the current Outlook profile.
    3. Import the data into a new Outlook profile.
    4. Run the DTA to transfer the data from the new Outlook profile.

    The DTA stopped the transfer before all of my calendar events were transferred. (Windows)

    Try the following:
    • If older calendar events are not appearing, check to see if your old events have been archived. Archived events are not transferred with the DTA.
    • If calendar event transfer stops at a certain point, check to see if any calendar events have large attachments. If so, delete any large attachments and run the DTA again.

    I have duplicate contacts.

    You may have duplicate contacts if the contacts are duplicated in the online source (for instance, if they are listed twice in Google Contacts and you are synchronizing with Google), or if the contacts are transferred from multiple sources and they are not automatically linked together using the Palm Synergy feature. Try any of the following if you have duplicate contacts:
    • Manually link your duplicate contacts. Open Contacts, search for the primary contact and tap the contact name. In the open entry, tap the contact name in the header and then tap Link more profiles. Search for the duplicate contact and tap it to link the two contacts together.
    • Delete one of the duplicate records from the online source, Google or Exchange, or from the phone. Open Contacts, tap the contact name, open the application menu, and tap Delete Contact.
    • After you reconcile duplicates on the phone and in the online source, manually synchronize Contacts with your online accounts. Open Contacts, open the application menu, tap Preferences & Accounts, and tap Sync Now.

    Some of my contacts’ notes are missing.

    If a note associated with a contact is larger than 200KB, the DTA does not transfer the contact or note. You’ll need to locate the original contact and manually recreate it on your device (see Using Contacts ).

    I chose Exchange when using the DTA, and I can’t find my Inbox and other Outlook mail folders on my device. (Windows)

    If after running the DTA you see only your Outbox folder on your phone, there is an issue with your Exchange account. The Exchange server you are trying to connect to requires forms-based authentication.

    1. Work with your IT department to update the server configuration (see Method 2 in the Resolution section of the following article: ).
    2. Delete the Exchange account on your phone to avoid duplicate entries.
    3. Run the DTA again.

    Other apps on my computer open when I connect my device to my computer. (Windows)

    You may have trouble using the DTA if other applications on your computer detect your phone and open automatically. For example, when a photo management app detects a USB device with a DCIM folder capable of exchanging photos with your computer, it opens automatically. To successfully use the DTA, do the following to prevent these other applications from opening:
    1. On your computer, click Start > Run.
    2. Type msconfig and then press Enter to open the System Configuration Utility.
    3. Click the Startup tab.
    4. Write down which boxes are checked, and then click Disable All > Apply > OK.
    5. When prompted, select the option to restart your computer.
    6. After your computer restarts, run the DTA and connect your phone when prompted. The disabled applications should not open.
    7. After you finish the data transfer, restore your original settings by following steps 1–3 above and checking the items you noted in step 4.
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    Quote Originally Posted by indusarts View Post

    Still using my Palm Pixi, have 3 working ones. I was wondering if it's possible to copy the address files and notes between devices? The other stuff is relatively unimportant for me switch between phones but those files are most important. I may have inquired along these lines before but not specifically to these files, ASAIK.

    For Notes see:

    Seems you need Save/Restore for webOS 1.x
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    This will export all your contacts to a single .vcf file.
    As for importing, emailing the file to your phone and opening it there might work. I don't remember if it only works for files containing a single contact or also for those containing multiple ones.
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    Uwer's answer was what I was looking for as far as contacts. I got the celle brite to work and using .vcf is perfect. I wish I had figured it out years ago. Not only does it export but you can save a .vcf file to a webOS device, open with 'contacts' and it will import the contacts into the phone.

    Still would like to be able to xfer notes.

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