I have a Palm Pixi that's 10 years old, and I really want to see if I can access the photos on it. One of my best friends died this past week, and I wanted to access the photos on this phone to see if there is any of him on there. I had this phone when we were in college and we hung out every day so I'm hopeful I will find at least one photo. I have tried so many different passwords, but it's been 10 years so I have no clue what I used back then.

I've been searching relentlessly to try and find a way to bypass the password, but I haven't found anything concrete. I downloaded a program called WebOS Quick Install and was following a tutorial online to try and get the phone into dev mode so I could upload something to bypass the password, but failed to go any further when this program wouldn't recognize my phone. The phone charges on USB and it even has the two options "USB storage" or "Just Charge", but of course I can't click on USB storage without the password. It looks like my computer recognizes the phone, but the WebOS Quick Install program doesn't. I am using a Macbook, but it's possible I could get access to a PC if that would help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.