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    Hey all,

    I've been lurking in the forums which have been a great resource for someone who is learning from square 1 about this activation bypass.

    I've been following the instructions from this post. But I have a different error than the OP.

    I downloaded both devicetool.jar and WebOSQuickInstall-4.6.0.jar to try to get them to boot. The pixie plus is succesfully in USB mode. Java is installed and I believe the path is correct...

    My error in command prompt looks like this.

    C:\Users\UserA\Documents\Java>java -jar WebOSQuickInstall-4.6.0.jar
    'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

    Not sure what that really means. Is it not seeing java on my computer to execute?

    Also, should I just forgo the devicetool.jar and just jump straight into the WebOSQuickinstall?

    Thanks for any help/tips. Bought this just to take in Palm OS and appreciate it's connections to modern mobile OS's .
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    My command line was ....\desktop\downloads\java -jar webosquickinstall-4.6.0.jar (did you type it right?)
    It worked fine. Wosqi loaded fine. I exited.
    Next command line ...\downloads\java -jar devicetool.jar
    Sat back, waited, palm pixi plus activation was bypassed. I just did this 5 days ago.
    Maybe uninstall and reinstall java?
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    should I install java to the same folder as the quick install file?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrp95 View Post
    should I install java to the same folder as the quick install file?
    No. You run the devicetool.jar in the folder where it is located, either by navigating to that folder, then running the command or by including the path to the file in the command. >>
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    Update: I was able to get both devicetool.jar and webosquickinstall-4.6.0.jar to work. Nothing changed other than I restarted my machine. Thanks for the replies! Excited to mess around with WebOS.
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    On a side note, watch for the tiny magnet that holds the USB flap in place. Mine fell out, and I'm wondering if superglue, as some have mentioned on this forum, will hold it sufficiently in place.

    Download preware. I think you might need to use WOSQI to load it onto the pixi. Then, get internalz. You'll find lots of freeware on If you like to read ebooks, get the preader BETA, not the regular one which is SLOW and converts files improperly.

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