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    Hi guys,

    I recently bought a brand new Pixi just to play around with to satisfy my webOS nostalgia. It turned on fine and then the battery ran out and I was unable to charge it or turn it on.

    At first, I thought there was a problem with the battery, but then I swapped the battery with a charged one from my Pre, and it still refused to turn on.

    I also couldn't get the Pixi to get into Recovery Mode using the remove battery and then reinsert it with USB technique. This lead me to believe that the USB port is somehow bust, so I got a touchstone back to see if that would charge because it doesn't go through USB. That also didn't seem to charge or turn on the device.

    1. Doesn't seem to be battery. I tried using another charged battery and that doesn't boot the device.
    2. USB charging doesn't work
    3. Touchstone charging doesn't work

    Any suggestions?
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    So it's totally dead with no sign of life?

    I don't know, but was the back properly seated.... does the Pixi have a Touchstone back? I guess so! The contacts need to connect, so it could be that, but TBH this doesn't sound good. A 'Brand New' Pixi would now be 8 years old and unless the battery was very carefully stored, it may have gone a bit funny. Possibly the battery's last gasp was to fry the phone... :-(

    Maybe there are fuses that can be checked...?

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