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    I am in the process as a experiment attempting to remove the recovery mode from the verizon palm pixi plus. From what I understand the recover mode is in the /boot/boot.bin file and is part of bootie. Would anyone know how to modify that file to prevent the recovery mode from loading?

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    bump - anyone able to help the op?
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    Yikes. Are you trying to create a brick? Because if you want to permanently brick a phone this is a good way to ensure it happens in the event something goes wrong with the OS.

    Now I know that bootie has a list of commands it recognizes so it strikes me you'd have to modify bootie itself.

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    Yes, that is what I am trying to do, I am trying to make it impossible to recover the device if something goes wrong. This is a academic experiment.

    I like your idea to modify bootie. However is the boot.bin file checksummed to prevent editing?

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