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    I just want to hug everybody.

    Now if we can get you off that pixi (with no WiFi) and get you on a Franken pre2 you'll be an elite webOS user in 2017!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bbito View Post
    Right back at ya Preemptive, thank you for the tons of work you do for this community!

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    Thank you thank you THANK YOU! All your answers on this forum helped me just now activate!
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    Been following these steps. But getting a different error...

    C:\Users\UserA\Documents\Java>java -jar WebOSQuickInstall-4.6.0.jar
    'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

    I have java installed so I don't understand how it's saying " 'Java' isn't recognized"
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    I assume this is on windows.

    I don't know what the problem is if you are sure java is correctly installed, but I recall having difficulties as a .jar file is also an archive. The OS might be looking at it as that, rather than as an executable. So it could be the difference between opening the archive and running the file as a program. I think I had this on windows and doing the right click on the file to get the context menu, then ticking a box to make the .jar file executable solved it.

    That said, the memory is very hazy and I don't know if that's your problem. There might be a better answer. Remember also (see the preceding thread) that the command either has to be run in the folder containing the file or the correct path to the file needs to be included in the command. It looks like you are running in the folder where Java is located. WOSQI or the devicetool may be elsewhere - like your downloads folder.
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