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    I am selling a couple Palm Pixi Plus that I have stopped using and noticed even after a hard reset one phone still has a number assigned to it that is now being used by another phone we now use on on Page Plus. It also booted up and automatically activated then jumped to the Profile login which the other one did not. I have since run the bypass activation devicetool on it to bypass Profile log in. At this point It will let me dial out but I get a Verizon message that the account is not active.

    Any problems if the new owner tries to activate it? Will it steal the number back or be assigned a new number?

    The weird thing is the other phone I'm selling after what I thought was the exact same procedure does not show the old phone number just a bunch of zeroes with a few digits on the end.

    Any guidance greatly appreciated.
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    As long as the MEID is not locked out by a carrier, it should re-activate fine.
    The number shown in device info will change once OTA activation is done.

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