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    I have an older Palm Pixi Plus from Verizon and I don't want to change plans, so I am limping along with what I have. Now I am unable to download any apps at all. Why is this and can I change that so I can actually use my phone again for more than just calling and mobile hotspot?

    I'm nearly computer/phone illiterate, so I am asking for help in updating things.
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    I see you have just signed up to this forum and I'm going to assume this is your first visit.

    From the start, webOS was a very open system and homebrew developers soon gained access and started offering unofficial tweaks, add ons and upgrades. If you are familiar with this stuff, let me know - it'll make for much shorter explanations!

    webOS was effectively cancelled by HP in 2011 and anything resembling full functionality has been maintained by the community in the form of apps, patches, hints and tips. If you haven't been using any of this stuff, I'm surprised you have lasted this long!

    It is still possible to access the app catalogue, but HP will finally close it on the 15th of this month. It is assumed that other cloud services like cloud back up will also close at that time, marking the end of any HP support. It is possible to continue using your phone with the home brew app catalogue (Preware).

    The beauty of webOS is that it can be maintained in a way other abandoned systems cannot. You do not need to be a computer expert to maintain your system, but it will require some work and an ability to follow instructions. At this point, you may decide it's not worth the effort and move on to something new. If you like your Pixi plus enough to want to continue with it, there is much to do.

    Please note that all that follows is unofficial and at your own risk. Almost all problems except hardware failure can be recovered from if you are careful. This will void your warranty (but it already expired, right?)
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    Start here: The Pre & Pixi in 2014 | pivotCE

    Your app catalogue access should have stopped in 2013 (because the security certificate expired). There is a fix. If you have applied it, then you should still have access unless there is some other problem... The next link includes instructions, but the ability to purchase apps ended late last year. You can download apps previously purchased or free apps. Again, this access will cease in about 12 days PERMANENTLY, so if you need to do this, do it NOW.
    Guide: Coming (Back) to webOS in 2014, Part 1 | pivotCE (I assume you won't need step 1). You need not bother with Part 2 for now unless you really want to.

    There are some apps available in Preware and the number is increasing as some apps have been moved from the HP catalogue before the shutdown. A major source for preware is this site - you can click on 'Apps' at the top of this page to view them. It is also possible to back up the apps you already have so you can reinstall them in the event of problems. Part 2 may be your best bet here.
    Guide: Saving Apps From The App Catalog Part 1: nodeleteipk patch | pivotCE
    Guide: Saving Apps From The App Catalog Part 2: HP Takeout | pivotCE

    It is also possible to download a file called a webOS doctor which will re-install your entire operating system in the event of disaster. This has become a little tricky of late, so I'll leave it until you post that you want to do the work to continue using your phone. Finally, webOS is obviously not going to last forever, but it was open-sourced by HP so the code is being developed to a new version largely compatible with the old, but on newer handsets. This is the latest version on test:

    Having read the above, you probably have an idea of whether you want to proceed. Many of the recent fixes won't work on an older device like yours and I would recommend something that can run webOS 2. I think your options are:
    1. Stick with what you have and make the best of it.
    2. Buy a newer webOS device.
    3. Move on and buy something running a different system.
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