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    I'm a former Palm Pre user now trying to set up a new Palm Pixi Plus (Verizon) for my daughter. I bought it well over a year ago and it's been in its original box since. I'm planning on putting it on PagePlus. Anyway, I just plugged it in and turned it on and it takes me to an activation screen where it attempts to call Verizon and activate the phone. I'm just trying to futz around with the thing, get wifi going, etc. before putting in on a plan, but I can't even get past this screen since of course it fails when trying to contact Verizon. Is there a way past this screen, or is the thing a brick until I actually purchase a plan for it on PagePlus? Thank you.
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    You need devicetool.jar to bypass activation on your device. First, you need to edit your hosts file as specified in the following post:

    After you do that, you need to download the following file and run it from a command prompt: More instructions for doing that can be found here (again, need the hosts file edit to view this):
    or this article from this site: Bypass Activation [webOS 1.x] | webOS Nation

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