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    What is the latest version of WebOS that will run on a Pixi Plus? I see where 2.1.x have been engineered to run on it.
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    Officially, 1.4.5

    Although 2.1 has been fiddled with so as to run on the Pixi.
    However, I heard that 2.1's performance is pretty bad, although I've seen another thread with a different "build" I think that performs better. But since I do not own a Pixi, I'm not too familiar with it.

    I do love the form factor though.
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    how do i find out what version pixi plus I have? I did a full reset and now I can't do anything on mine....
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    If the device has always been in your possession from new and has received all updates, then I think it should be at 1.4.5. Getting a plus device to webOS 2 requires the user to hack it.

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