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    I just got a Palm Pixi Plus and I have been trying to get the root certificate updated for days now. I have tried changing the date back to Jul 1st and 21st, it says installed, I've changed the date back and rebooted but I still have the Palm App Catalog. I was hoping someone could help me figure out why it is not updating, any suggestions are appreciated.
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    Just put my Pixi Plus on the charger

    As far as I remember, it indeed keeps showing the Palm catalog. (Presuming you have 1.4 or so on there)

    EDIT: Indeed, still Palm catalog
    EDIT2: Even though it is still the Palm catalog, I could download apps.
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    I recently activated a new Palm Pixi Plus. First I updated the webOS to version, then I followed these instructions to update the Palm App Catalog. After updating the App catalog, it looked just the same but now apps install successfully. If you're trying to install the open source Preware app catalog, you'll need to follow the directions found here.

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