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    So my Verizon Pixi Plus was doing just fine.

    But I needed the battery to test a Pre 2 I had lying around.

    Put the battery back in the Pixi, and now it won't boot.

    When I plug in the charger (pressing the power button does nothing; setting on Touchstone does nothing) it manages to show the static HP logo, but then the screen dies.

    It then does the cycle all over again. (turns on to logo, shuts off screen)

    I managed to get it to display the USB logo and was going to Doctor it, but the Doctor failed at 4% when it started
    the cycle above.

    Eventually webOS Doctor claimed that the device had been disconnected.

    I've seen a similar issue once over the years in a thread somewhere, but it was with a Pre, and I don't remember the solution.

    Anyone got anything?

    I've even resorted to clapping and chanting that I believe in Pixis...

    webOS Developer
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    I had that happen to my Veer once. Solution was to pop out the battery for a moment.
    But given that you already had yours out of the Pixi in the first place, this can't be it. Still, tried another battery yet?
    Also there's a list of errors around indicating what the issue is when the webOS doctor stops at what %, maybe that can help finding a solution. Good luck!
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    It almost sounds like the battery is discharged, but only charges enough to start powering up and then stops. Batteries are cheap on Amazon if you want to try another one.
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    What happened with your pre2 test? Chance the battery have shorted or messed up the charge circuit? Sounds like you only have one so it may be due for another.

    But what happens when you remove the battery, plug in USB cord? You should get battery with question mark symbol. Insert battery and boot fails? Not enough power to charge would show battery with red bar IF it was above 10%. Else shows battery with x and must charge to 10% before boot cycle will start. See if the behavior is same in both phones.
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    ended up being the charger cord.
    There was a short in it, and it wasn't delivering a constant charge.

    Once I got it charging properly, it came back on.
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