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    Hi all,

    Delurking here to ask about a vexing problem on my trusty Verizon Pixi. It's showing only 5 email messages in the All Inboxes view - you can scroll down, but there are only empty "boxes" the size of messages. At the same time, one of my email accounts is not loading anything - it's full of the same "empty boxes." The other four seem to be fine. I've restarted a bunch of times and reset all apps, as well as deleted and readded the problematic email account, all without success. Any advice?
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    Hi there, i hope you have fixed your problem. In case you still have the problem you should try changing the "days to show" (not sure if that is the name in english), something similar always happens to me when i set "all" on my email account, when i change it to "last x days" it starts working, then i go back to "all" and it works again
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