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    I setup my Palm Profile the other day when I bought a Pixi Plus. I have not gotten a Verification E-mail and requested numerous times a Resend Verification Request. I also changed the E-mail Address to another account just in case the first E-mail account was blocking it. After a couple of days I have not gotten a Verification E-mail.

    What are the consequences of not having a Palm Profile? I know I can not use the built in Backup, but what other issues would I run into? Will it make a different in the App Catalog if I wish to purchase something?

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    It happened to me as well with my own domain the email wouldn't arrive. I used gmail instead and that worked. Must be something buggy @ HP end. It's been a while since I last registered an account, so it could be there's a problem currently.

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    I was using an un-verified profile on my Pre3 for a while, and at least half the time, I couldn't download apps from the app catalog. I finally decided it was worth transferring my primary profile from my Pre2 to the Pre3, so I don't have to deal with it anymore. I searched back and couldn't even find that Palm had ever sent a verification email for that email address - makes me wonder if I created it with Impostah rather than while activating a device. Now that I think about it, for me dev devices, that is pretty much how I created Palm Profiles for all of them.. I tried to use the one I did find to piece together a valid URL (this was a few months ago) to verify the one I was using, but it never would send me a verification email - perhaps related to your issue?

    I kind of wonder, and suspect, HP has left the Palm Profile (er, excuse me, HP webOS Profile :P) registration/verification system kind of rot a bit and probably is not interested in fixing it - I mean, who in their right mind would buy a webOS device and create a profile nowdays anyway?

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