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    I happened to be doing random "research" on webOS, and noticed this on HP's webOS page:

    ...Mine isn't. Same claim is made for the Pre Plus. My only guess is that the last time HP revised these pages was before they backed out of their update commitment?
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    Perhaps that's because it is possible to get webOS 2.0 via unofficial methods of which HP is aware. Actually I don't know.
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    Yeah, I noticed this when they first put up their web site, sent their help desk (when it was still open) about an email a week about it...

    If they released a webOS 2.0.x version they are required to release a webOS 2.x kernel source... but nobody seems to care, to call Palm/HP to the carpet about it... But then they said increased memory, the Pixi/PixiPlus has 256M and 8G Flash, the only thing that is rumored was the Flash NAND (in the PixiPlus) was faster in read/write times (vs the Pixi)... (But I do not own a Pixi to compare)

    Also if you look in the ThinkBeyondEvent, when DreamWorks is showing their TouchtoShare they do it with a Veer, kind of cool as they never officially released webOS 2.2.x for the Veer.

    I know we have an un-official release of webOS 2.1.0 on the PixiPlus/Pixi and webOS 2.2.x on the Veer, but I would love to see official versions released including kernel sources....
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    That page was full of errors that were never corrected.
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