Hey, guys. I've recently bought Pixi Plus from Amazon store. When I've got it, there was an issue with activation in Russia(solved) and then i've got problems with AppCatalog. When I was on 1.4.5, there were few apps in Catalog. Then I went to 2.1 firmware(ported from Pre), but for now the HPCatalog(however, I'm not shure about the name) is not working at all(infinite loading). So, I've installed Preware and tried to install some games: Need for Speed: Undercover, Asphalt 5, Assassin's Creed.
Need for Speed Undercover doesn't work at all. When I open it, the icon pop-ups with white and that's all. Sometimes there's an "Toss some cards" error.
Asphalt 5: the same problem.
Assassin's Creed works perfectly without any problems.

Assassins creed is the Pixi version: com.gameloft.app.assassinspixi_1.0.0_all.ipk
Others are "all" versions(com.ea.app.nfsuc_20.0.28_all.ipk; com.gameloft.app.asphalt5_1.1.4_all.ipk)

So, what's the problem? And if I cannot buy apps from the catalog exactly for Pixi, where should I find them? It was very hard to find the Pixi version of AC, actually. Maybe, somebody knows where can I find games?

P.S. I saw, that one guy was playing NFS on his Pixi Sprint.

If someone knows anything about this problems, or about some sources with apps for Pixi Plus, please, let me know. I'd be really greatfull about it.