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    Is there some way I can get the Pixi database with contacts in it off a phone with a cracked, unresponsive screen?

    It's in developer mode and I already copied the USB portion onto my computer by using keyboard shortcuts to get it into usb mode.

    When I log into the Palm Profile with the replacement Pixi, will that have contacts? I didn't think so.

    Can I use WebOSQuickinstall or WebOS Doctor? Never used sqlite3 or rsync but I've seen somewhere (but no instructions) that you can get the PalmDatabase.db3 file with that. If there's some way to do this hooked up to computer (again, the Pixi is in developer mode) that would be great.

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    OK, sorry for the post. I finally got it from more Google searches which pointed me to:

    How To: Back up your Palm Profile Information | webOS Nation

    I'll restore the database to the new Pixi using WebOSQuickInstall:

    Just in case anyone else needs the info

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