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    I tested 3 way calling for first time last night and it didn't work. I've had e a Pixi Plus on VZW monthly prepaid plan for over 2 years. When I go to add 2nd call, I get error message: "We're sorry, your service does not allow you to complete this call."

    VZW tech tried for over half hour to help. He removed, then added 3-way, he had me remove battery (soft reset), nothing worked. He said all he can recommend is that I do a hard reset to factory state then try. If that fails, I call VZW back and have them submit a network repair ticket.

    Anyone familiar with this? Could it be my phone or Verizon? I hate the thought of a hard reset. I've got a bunch of Preware aps and patches. Can that all be backed up? Ugh
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    I want to add that I doubt this is a Pixi problem but rather a network problem with Verizon. Just was wondering if anyone else ever experienced the same thing with Verizon and a Pixi.

    In the meantime, I asked Verizon to issue a network repair ticket. We'll see...........

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