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    I use the default messaging app on my palm pixi at&t with webos 1.4.5 which came shipped with it. Well, from the last month the message app is causing a problem. When a new message comes and I open it, it opens but when I try to open the previous message list, it shows only sms from the first 7 people only. It does not show other messages. On clicking on the name of any one of the 7(updated every time when a new message comes), it shows all the sms of that person but only first 7 person in the list is comming. I tried to restart and I have already done it for about 15-20 times without any fruit. Also, in developer mode, it is the same problem.
    And also, USSD requests don't work from the day I bought it. So, I think it is a problem of WebOS. If not then please tell me how to activate the USSD request as in my country, to activate different schemes and to know my balance, I need USSD service.
    Anyone with any suggestions is welcome.
    Thank you in Advance .
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    I have the same problem. The SMS app only shows messages from the latest 7 contacts. I'm also using a Pixi with 1.4.5. How to fix this?
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    Can anyone suggest a fix to this problem?

    Only seven SMS messages are shown. The rest are hidden. What's wrong?
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    Let me join in and confirm that this happened to just this week and fixed it. I tried the repair utility, it did fix several messaging related files, but the app still didn't openI finally fixed it by correcting the PalmDatabase.db3 (had to remove last couple of sms/mms received from com_palm_pim_FolderEntry) with sqllite browser and reuploaded the file back to the device. After restarting the phone the messaging app worked normally.

    Try searching for retrieving-deleted-text-messages-conversations
    (cannot post links, sorry).

    Credit goes to orabidoo976

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