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    Hi everyone,

    I just bought a Palm Pixi on eBay for pennies on the dollar (it's amazing how devalued tech can become...and perhaps sad) and I need some advice and some answers to questions that are bugging me for when I get the phone today. My apologies if some of these questions have been asked before, but I was having trouble finding answers to my specific types of questions.

    1) In 2009, I bought a Pre on Sprint! It was an amazing phone, by far one of the best smartphones I've ever owned. Unfortunately, I sold all of my darn accessories (including my touchstone), but they're so cheap now that it shouldn't be a problem getting new ones. My question is: is my Palm Profile still saved somewhere? Will I have all my old circa-2010 contacts and apps when I log into the Pixi? Can I create a new Palm Profile with the same email address, so I can start fresh?

    2) I had some hardware problems with my Pre, namely the power button getting loose, a loose battery problem, and the 'C' key only working intermittently. Ironically, I never had an "oreo twist" problem, at least, not nearly as bad as some. Are problems like these present in the Sprint Pixi models or at least, not as widespread?

    3) Does the App Catalog still work or will I need to use a different method to get apps?

    4) Is the Webkit browser still adequate for today in browsing mobile web/full web sites?

    5) Is the battery life of the Pixi any better/worse than the Pre on stock OS? Are there way to improve it?

    6) Does the base Pixi include a Touchstone compatible back, or is that something I would have to purchase separately?

    I've discovered that I really hate typing on glass or plastic touchscreens (iPhone isn't going to cut it if I have to spend thirty seconds correcting every text message which types "retching" for "expecting" and various other oddities). I've been told that the Pixi is a good messaging phone for email and text, has a better keyboard than the Pre (which, in my case, would be very nice, that darn C key...), but I am concerned about the longevity of the device hardware, the relevance of the software, and the productivity that one can gain from a three year old device in an ever-changing tech world.

    I've never used anything but stock OS on the Pre, but I am willing to learn if anyone has any tips on how my experience can be improved with the various webOS hacking and modification utilities. Thank you so much for your kind help.

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    From my experiences:

    2: The back covers break way too easily. The two years I had mine, I went through 4. As such, I'd suggest you stock up on them, or glue.

    3. The catalog worked back in June for me. That was the last time I used my Pixi.

    4. While the Pixi browser is a bit old now, I think it does a better job rendering sites than my Pre3 (especially since the pop-up blocker appears to work better).

    5. Adjusting settings in Govnah helps, as well as adjusting the VM settings which reduces CPU load/usage.

    6. No, this you have to buy separately.
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    Have you tried gluing the peeling back cover? I haven't found a glue that will stick to the rubber. My wife's Pixi went through two back covers in a relatively short time (a year and a half).

    The only issue we've had with the phone itself is the phone switches to silent mode if there is even the slightest pressure on the mute switch, so she started missing calls and texts when it was in her purse. If it weren't for the smaller screen and lack of WiFi, I'd have gone with the Pixi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    Have you tried gluing the peeling back cover? I haven't found a glue that will stick to the rubber. My wife's Pixi went through two back covers in a relatively short time (a year and a half).
    I haven't, as when I reached that point, the hard plastic was cracked as well and gluing all of that together and having everything hold would never happen. I never understood why Palm just never went with a plastic that was in-between for stiffness, so that the cover was only once piece and flexible enough to not crack. Or, at the very least, added expansion joints to allow the hard plastic to deform when needed (battery pull) and properly prepped to better hold glue.
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    I have the Pixi + GSM version so I can not address your Sprit ?. Amazon has accessories cheap!! I have not experienced the back cover problem, however I,m only 11 months in, and would like to hear from others that have. The Pixi does not come with the Touchstone back cover => Amazon $5. App Catalog, Preware still works. Enjoy.
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    You can use your old webos profile, get back your apps and settings. You have to use different email address for a new profile. You can switch between old and new on demand.

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