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    Greetings fellow pixi owners. What's the best game emulator for the pixi? It is just so confusing, all this webos weirdness. Like I see a gba emulator selling for $5. The gba is a pretty good system. Large library, good complex games. I myself was looking for a good chess program, and I'm sure the gba emulator would work. But the reviews say it won't run on the pixi. The gb and game boy color games are too ancient to be useful IMO. I see the SNES9x app. Is it the most useful one? Seems like another option would be a PALM emulator. Classic Emulator Productivity & Utilities. But I see that one no longer is available. Then there are a lot of apps by Rakashazi. Strange, the GBA app is blacked off.

    If anyone has any input as to which emulation programs are working on the pixi, or even the pre, I'd be most grateful.
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    I have used both Snes 9xEX and superNES. Both are free in the app catalog. I prefer Snes 9x due to the control scheme on the pixi.

    You may have to turn the sound off on some roms to keep the lag down, but both work well.

    Also, now has a mobile friendly site that makes it easy to download roms.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jccjmml7 View Post
    to keep the lag down
    Why don't you overclock?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jasontaylor7 View Post
    Why don't you overclock?
    I am running 806 mHz on Uberkernel, but some roms still slow down with the sound on, even when the audio sampling is at 22kHz.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jasontaylor7 View Post
    Why don't you overclock?
    Well for one it doesn't help, like he said. As for VBA, do not buy it. Invest in GBC.emu instead. Roberts a good person and his software runs like a charm

    I have received a binary built for the pixi, but it runs horridly and Will never said I could distribute it. I also had gotten a copy of gbc.emu, for concerns on running on the pixi. It runs with flying colors. And gba emulation is in the works, hopefully. The release notes seem promising.

    P.S.: I also eventually purchased a copy of GBC.emu even while receiving a free, nonupdating version

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    jccjmml7, what games slowed down? I tried a handful of games to test. The only time I have any glitches I had another app running in the background. I agree whoever wrote that snes emulator is pretty leet.

    Shadowflank, thanks for your opinion. Reason I'm going with the snes is below:

    SNES RAM memory: 1 Mbit (128 Kbyte). snes is a 1.5 mips cpu.
    gameboy color RAM memory: 32Kbyte.

    400% bigger ram should mean better games.

    That said, I find the only chess program for the SNES unplayable, which is why I posted. The gameboy color has many more chess programs. I'd like to know more about a gameboy advance emulator. It's 256 kbit. Still ridiculously small, to be honest!

    I think I need to upgrade to a pre plus because the best emulated cpu by Robert for WebOS appears to be the Sega Saturn emulator, and it needs arm7. The sega saturn had 2 MB = 16 Mbit of ram.
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