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    So I emailed the developer of gbc.emu with some concerns and issues about purchasing it, long story short, he was nice enough to provide me with a copy to (on top of other reasons) confirm it works on the Pixi.

    I own a Pixi+ and have all available optimizations installed. Uberkernel, memory, etc so on and so forth.

    It runs with flying colors (atleast on gameboy emulation, which is all I really cared about) and I have had very, very little performance issues.

    If anyone was on the fencepost about paying 5 dollars for it, I'd highly recommend it due to the extreme kindness of the developer and the fact it actually works on the Pixi. Hope you guys enjoy.

    Please show this guy some love. He showed the Pixi some, and now I can finally play Pokemon on it while I donate Plasma twice a week.

    Edit: I've also made plans to buy it myself after my cards get fixed just for app catalog stuff, but also planned on donating a portion of lawsuit money from an upcoming case to him due to his generousity and understanding.

    --Curtis 'cSc' Smith
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